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Beauty Tips : Best Ways To Use VASELINE


Best Ways To Use VASELINE

Beauty Tips : Best Ways To Use VASELINE

Longer Lashes

Mix coconut oil and vaseline and use it on your lashes before you go to sleep.

Hair Dye

Use vaseline before coloring your hair to avoid staining your skin

Soften Cuticles

Massage your vaseline on your cuticles for beautiful nails.

Smooth Lips

Dab a generous of petroleum jelly onto your lips before go to bed.

Make-up Remover

Use vaseline to remove stubborn lip and eye make-up.

Yes, it works for me. 

I use vaseline whenever I want to remove my mascara and eye shadow.

Clear Blackheads

Apply a thick layer of vaseline on your nose to remove blackheads.

woha! Ok now I need to repurchase a petroleum jelly for my blackheads.

Eyebrow Gel

To keep your eyebrow in place all day long then apply vaseline.

Smooth Feet

Mix vaseline with vicks to remove dry, rough skin from under the feet.

Source : Pinterest

Yes, gonna go buy my Vaseline!

Stay beautiful and be happy everyone.


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  1. okey nak pi cari vaseline lah..byk rupanya fungsi dia..baru tahu..hehe

    1. Jom pi beli. Saya dah beli tadi Kat Watson's. Nak try hilangkan blackheads.


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