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Today Love Letter #2 : Keep Going

Today Love Letter #2. hi there, today take a look at just how far you have come. Ask yourself how far you have work to get what you have today.

You have gone through so much, and are headed in the right direction, hopefully Insya Allah.

Leave your fears behind and keep going, my (and your) Dear Self.

Today Love Letter #2

Your strength and perseverence will get where you want to be.

Just do it in a rightful way.

Do not choose the wrong way to get what you want.

I wish you have a very beautiful weekend.

lot's of love, xoxo - mrs pip.


source: heather stillufsen, pinterest, etsy.

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  1. nice words. thanks mrs pip for sharing a good vibes

    1. you are welcome DP. have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Pip.
    Same goes to you, hope you have a wonderful weekend..

  3. Be strong, keep going and happy weekend kak

  4. the keyword adalah jangan give up.. insyallah Allah akan sentiasa ada nak mendorong ke jalan yang betul..


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