Ford Ranger Raptor The Ultimate Off Road Truck - Price & Specs

Ranger Raptor’s signature FORD block-letter grille, muscular haunches, and frame-mounted bumper make for an imposing stance. Its LED fog lamps with air curtain ducts enhance aerodynamics while its LED Projector headlamps help you navigate through poorly-lit areas with added visibility with brighter lighting. In the rear, the tailgate features an integrated bumper and 3D badging.

Harga Specs Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor - The Ultimate Off Road Truck

THE ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD TRUCK Power Torque Based on the tough and smart Ford Ranger, our engineers injected Ranger Raptor with Ford Performance DNA to create a true off-roading beast. Straight off the production line. 

More top-end power. More bottom-end torque. The innovative 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine’s two turbochargers work independently to deliver huge power and torque on demand. 

ford ranger raptor performance

10-Speed Auto Transmission. Ford’s latest transmission technology works seamlessly with its turbocharged engine for improved power delivery and quicker gear changes. 

High-quality magnesium shifter paddles on the perforated leather steering wheel allow for fast shiing without taking your hands off the wheel. 

Power : 157KW(213PS), Torque: 500NM

ford ranger raptor off road warrior

Ford Ranger Raptor Off Road Warrior 

Ranger Raptor isn’t just 150mm wider and 50mm taller than a standard Ranger. It has been purposely designed from the ground up to set a new benchmark in off-road capability. 

Tougher chassis. We reworked the Ranger chassis, using high-strength low-alloy steel optimised for off-road performance. 

Huge bash plate. Ranger Raptor’s underbody shield is mammoth. Its 2.3mm thick high-strength steel is designed to absorb the impact from almost any o‚-road event. 

Built to be punished. We designed Ranger Raptor’s entire frame to be ultra-durable and to handle punishing surface drop-offs other trucks simply can’t survive. 

Race-bred suspension. Ranger Raptor’s suspension system was calibrated to tackle tough terrain at top speeds. Standard 2.5-inch FOX Racing Shocks deliver 30% more wheel travel compared to Ranger. 

285mm wide BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tyres come standard, boasting a precise tread pattern, longer tread life, and 20% tougher side walls compared to standard factory tyres. 

283mm of ground clearance puts ample space between you and almost any o‚-road obstacle. 

A 32.5° approach angle, 24° departure angle, and 24° break-over angle help you tackle harsh gradients other trucks can’t handle. 

Class-leading 850mm water wading makes light work of epic river crossings. 

The LED projector headlamps helps you navigate through poorly-lit areas with added visibility with brighter lighting.

Purpose built to rule every terrain

Ford engineers designed and calibrated Ranger Raptor to stringent Ford Performance standards. A cutting-edge Terrain Management System offers six pre-set driving modes to conquer virtually any terrain, at the turn of a dial. 

Baja Mode. Named after the Baja 1000 Dessert Race, this highly-anticipated setting is designed for one thing: fun. Baja Mode dials down traction, Improves responsiveness and shifting speed, and optimises Ranger Raptor for high-speed desert running. 

Sport Mode with faster throttle response and shifting for improved acceleration, in this mode you’ll also notice that steering feels sportier too.

Grass/Gravel/Snow Mode. Giving you extra confidence over slippery surfaces, this mode lowers throttle response and optimises shifting by engaging Ranger Raptor’s 4H and e-locking rear differential.

Mud/Sand Mode. This mode prompts you to put your vehicle in 4H and engages the e-locking rear differential for improved off-road capability and a comfortable steering feel. 

Rock Mode. Get an additional level of control over rocky surfaces. Engaging Ranger Raptor’s e-locking rear differential and prompting you to put your vehicle in 4L, this mode optimises throttle and transmission response

Normal Mode. Because sometimes you have no choice but to drive on-road, right?

ranger raptor inside

Get in the zone

Ranger Raptor’s cockpit is designed to dial you in for performance. So you stay in control no matter the speed or terrain.

Body-contoured sports seats include unique Raptor head rests, bolsters, and suede inserts for better body grip when driving off-road.

Perforated leather hand grips on the colour-threaded steering wheel ensure you stay in control. A red centering strip at the top of the wheel helps you monitor tyre direction while driing and cornering.

Unique Raptor stitching can be found on the seatbacks, steering wheel, so top instrument panel, leather-wrapped shier, and floor mats

Ranger Raptor’s voice-controlled SYNC®3 system keeps you connected, entertained, and on track. Even when you’re miles from civilisation.

Just say the word. SYNC®3 does the rest. Use simple voice commands to make calls, play music, and keep you connected to your world. Without taking your hands off the wheel.

Sat Nav drops ‘bread crumbs,’ so you can find your way home with simple voice commands, no matter how far off-road you go.

The 8-inch touchscreen features a unique Raptor start-up screen and supports smartphone-like functionalities like swipe and pinch-to-zoom.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto & AppLink™ seamlessly connect to SYNC®3, so you can use your favourite apps on-the-go. Totally hands-free.

3 USB ports to allow for more connectivity on the go whether it be for charging of mobile phones, usage of the infotainment system or even dashcam support.

Comes with 4 beautiful colors: Performance Blue, Conquer Grey, Absolute Black, dan Arctic White.

ford ranger raptor cockpit

Ford Ranger Raptor - The Cockpit

Get dialled in for performance. Body-contoured sports seats include unique Raptor head rests, bolsters, and suede inserts for better body grip when driving off-road. Raptor stitching is featured on the steering wheel, soft top instrument panel, leather-wrapped shifter, and floor mats. A multi-intelligent instrument panel displays performance information on a low-glare, high-quality flat screen.

Ford Ranger Raptor Price (Sabah)

Ford Ranger Raptor Price Sabah

Recommended price for Ford Ranger Raptor (Sabah Price) OTR Retail Price Without Insurance for Individual Private is RM211,888.00.

And for recommended insured value is RM212,000.00

Details Complete Ford Ranger Raptor Price Malaysia :

Ford Ranger Raptor Specs Sheet

Below is the complete Ford Ranger Raptor Specs Sheet for reference.

ford ranger raptor specs sheet

Ford Ranger Raptor The Ultimate Off Road Truck - Price & Specs.


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