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Nami Heavenlee || 30 days old

hi there, the first month of Nami Heavenlee


Little Nami today 20.09.2018 , it has been a month since the delivery.

Nami is now 500gram heavier than before (his delivery weight was 3.13kg).

He has his own sleep pattern . He sleeps a bit longer at night now compared to his early weeks of delivery. He sleeps around 8pm, and wakes up at 11pm (or 1am) and again at 3am (or 5am) for BF ...

Nami usually takes his morning bath at 9.30am and his evening bath at 4.00 pm.

today, he has a slight fever, a bit of mood swing but tolerable, mommy only put koolfever to bring down the heat from his body ❤

he is an easy baby to handle, loves to smile, not so clingy so far 😘 loves to suck his hand ...

last few days ago, mommy had engorged breast and clogged ducts, and was on fever


and yeah, mommy managed to throw away the first 9 kilos of bodyweight in 30 days ... more kilograms to burn 🔥...

wish Nami to grow up healthy , muahhhh


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  1. Wahhhh!!!..Best tau dpt turunkn berat bdn lepas bersalin...Huhu

  2. comelnya! rindu nak pegang baby hehe

  3. Sedapnya nama baby, simple tapi sweet je nak debut. Hugs & kisses to the baby :D kiut sangat hehe

  4. UIsss banyak tu turun berat badan.. terbaikk..

  5. Yeah!! Nami dah sebulan.. Semoga membesar dengan sihat ye Nami..


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