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Fishing Trip 'Penutup Ramadhan 2 hari 1 Malam' at Mengalun Waters

hi there, this is a late post by mr.Husband about his Pro-Anglers Team and their fishing adventure, that took place in June 2018 ...

It has been quite some time I have not go for deep sea fishing with my fishing team, the Pro-Anglers Team, I missed to go fishing with all the buddies. Since everyone are busy with their works and life, it is difficult to find a suitable time going fishing together, and I have no idea how many times I have to reject the team’s invitation to go for fishing. Dude, I am so sorry! 

The Pro-Anglers Team
Fishing Trip from Kota Kinabalu to Mengalun Waters

But after so many times cancelling the fishing trip, we managed to make it happen. Everyone said yes to go fishing just few days before Ramadhan ended. We called our trip as “Trip Penutup Ramadhan 2 hari 1 Malam”. My wife asked why should I go when it is just few days away before (almost) Raya? She has no idea how much I am ‘craving’ (looking forward) for this fishing trip.

The rented fishing ship
Skipper : Azsme Akmad

We decided to go fishing for one night only, and the team members agreed to go for Mengalun waters. Mengalun is one of the well-known destinations for deep sea fishing, it has about 60m to 80m water depths with a lot of fish living around under the sea. 

We rent a fishing ship that could fit up to 10 anglers in one time, and the boat manoeuvres by an experienced skipper named Azsme Ahmad. He has experienced handling a fishing boat for over 10 years. He is a nice friendly man, easy to approach and communicate well with us.

Friendly and experienced skipper, Azsme Akmad

Among the criteria for deep-sea fishing other than to rent a comfortable and safe fishing ship, it is also important to know the skipper who steered the ship as the experienced skipper is usually able to navigate the ship well when faced with such bad weather, strong and windy waves, as well as knowing the point / location where the fish is located.

Let's eat!

Along the way to the fishing location, the ship crew always ensures the condition of the ship is clean and comfortable for us, and prepares food and drink menus on time. A resting room for relaxing and sleeping pens is also well-kept. Mattress and pillows are provided in the sleeping area. Toilets are also equipped with water facilities and are always clean, as well as well-kept kitchen space.

This fishing trip has its own challenges. The conditions of the sea and the weather are in good condition all the way to the fishing location, and upon arrival at our location we begin our fishing activities, but it was difficult to get fish. Various techniques were used such as Apolo technique 4 to 6 hooks, 1 to 2 hooks, jigs, medium hooks, using feeds such as squid, baskets, fish fillets and titir but were still unsuccessful to caught fish in a ‘reasonable’ amount.

Looking for a comfortable fishing ship / fishing boat in Kota Kinabalu?
contact skipper Azsme ...
"when mr.Husband wanted to be the co-pilot!"

Skipper Azsme moves the fishing boats to several other locations around Mengalun, but it seems our baits do not attract fish! We did not give up and kept trying to get fish. However, we did not get much fish *sighed*.

The catching

The next day, we were tested with bad weather, where suddenly the big waves and winds came, and made us difficult to catch fish and could bring harm to us, the anglers. The turbulent sea conditions made our movements limited, and we had to face the bad weather for 4 hours until we returned to the destination, and fortunately skipper Azsme was able to steer the fishing ship very well.

The catching.
Grateful with what we have T_T

Although the catching was less than what we expected, but we were happy managed to spend some time with our team mates and we thanked skipper Azsme handling the fishing ship calmly despite the bad weather and bring us home safely. 

We reached our destination back around afternoon, and I safely reached home around 4pm. Tired? Of course, but looking forward for the next fishing trip! But not too soon since wife will deliver our baby anytime in August this year!

Some of the picture shared by the skipper in his facebook

To anyone looking to rent a fishing ship / rent a fishing boat from Kota Kinabalu to your desired fishing destination around Kota Kinabalu,

you can contact skipper Azsme Akmad at no. 016-259 0977 
Or visit his Facebook account at: Al Azsme Akmad


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  1. Absolutely interesting post! Love fishing and look at that tonnes of fish you guys had! Lan and Joe, curiostraveller.com

    1. Thanks dropping a comment here ... lain kali mau sewa kapal pancing, bolehlah try2 contact tu skipper...


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