My 1st scanning + 5 days spotting

hi there, so, mrs pip still spotting. and yesterday I went to polyclinic in Beaufort to do the 1st scanning. the doctor can see a tiny spot in the sac, but hard to get the heartbeat. and when the doctor measured the size, it is just a 6 weeks of pregnancy, not 10 weeks like what the nurse at the public health clinic told me the other day.

in my next visit to the public health clinic next month in July, will let them know about the difference of the pregnancy period and need to adjust my EDD.


It's been 5 days now since I observed the spotting, and now from a small brown spot to a fully soaked pad in light red to brownish color.

the doctor in polyclinic told me to monitor closely the color of the spotting. if it happens to be dark red and too much blood coming out, I must go immediately to he hospital.

but at the moment, since the tiny little thing still inside the sac, it means I am still pregant, and the spotting still in brown color, so I have not to worry a lot, but I need to and must not to do heavy works, must never go for travel or any long road trips, and MUST MUST MUST always take enough rest, and the best to be always lay on my bed!

Huh! so now I am a bit upset. I can't enjoy my raya. mr.Husband even let me sleep most of the time, and he told me there is no ROAD TRIPS for this raya. ouch! I'm hurt. it means, no holiday for us.

but, it's for my own sake. and for the sake of our baby.

To you all, have a beautiful raya.

And doakan yang baik baik utk mrs pip , doakan kandungan mrs pip selamat.



  1. Semoga sis dan kandungan berada dalam keadaan selamat Insha Allah..

    1. Anyway, selamat hari raya Aidilfitri pada mrs pip sekeluarga.. Maaf zahir dan batin...

  2. Wahhhh bestnya...tahniah yer...

  3. Alhamdulillah.. semoga Mrs Pip dan baby sehat..


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