Inside the Merphin-House: Full tour the making of our Aquarium

hi there,

it's the aquarium full entry post!

previously when I listed about our in-house projects. this is one of the complete project :))

T_T iklan raya dulu T_T

when we decided to construct our own house, mr.Husband insists we should have an aquarium inside the house, and after so many consideration ding-dong ding-dong between a fish-lover husband and a practical-thinking wife, finally we built the PERMANENT aquarium inside this tiny merphin-house.

this is how our aquarium looks like previously when we completed the house in Dec 2014 , the tank was empty, and the kids always asked when we will fill up the aquarium with water and put some fish.

mr.Husband wanted to complete the aquarium all by his own two bare hands, so it takes time to complete the aquarium, and I was like forcing him to finish the project.

remember the earthquake on 5th June 2015 in Ranau? It was in Ranau, but the tremors felt across the State, and Membakut was not excluded. House was shaking quite bad, I thought I was dizzy or what and asked eh, why I feel the house is moving aaa? ... and later on that day we received the bad news, Ranau was hit by earthquake ;(( ... and we couldn't imagine if the aquarium was completed and water has been filled, the aquarium glass has high potential to be broken during the earthquake due to water pressure inside the tank.  thanks Allah the aquarium delayed. 

when we moved back recently, mr.Husband decided to complete the aquarium. the process started with cleaning all the dust and dirt inside the aquarium, and ready for the makeover ;)

after the cleaned up, mr.Husband cover the floor and all joining using waterproofing paint. he painted the floor with 2 layers of waterproofing paint, but later we give a deep taught what if in case water seepage occur? it's gonna be a BIG problem. so, we once again decided to seal the floor and all joining using 2 layers of flexible waterproofing sealant.

p/s: to anyone interested to build permanent RC aquarium, just to share some info, the concrete-mix must be mixed together with waterproofing liquid to prevent air-pores in the concrete and enhancing the concrete-mix. once the concrete done, curing process MUST be carried out appropriately.

brushing inside the aquarium using waterproofing paint before
decided to add extra waterproofing sealant
mr.Husband applying the waterproofing sealant
and lil' Iman kept asking when he can go inside the
'swimming pool' to swim. ugh.
this is underneath the aquarium
mr.Husband is ready to install the piping system for water discharge
one thing when you have aquarium inside the house, and it is a big tank,
you need to have a good piping system to refill and discharge water for the maintenance.

one week later, the aquarium need to be tested.
we filled up the aquarium with water.
and the kids like "yahoo! can swim"
this is the test to see if there is any water leaking from the aquarium slab, joining and piping system
leaking observed from the piping underneath the aquarium,
so mr.Husband fixed it before we can proceed to the next step. 
since the piping system has been fixed, we are ready to welcome its occupants.
but before that, make sure to make a good filtration system under the sand layer.
and now ready for sand bedding, pebbles, & ornaments placement.
fill up the aquarium with filtered water and leave it for 2 - 3 days, and
change the water once before mixing the salt.

for salt, we are using Aquaforest Reef Salt 

 few equipment must have for an aquarium :-

beside water pump, this water surface pump connected to the skimmer,
this is needed to make sure the water surface not stagnant
glass cleaning to clean the surface glass
a good lighting for bring out natural color and is essential for live plant growth 
a thermometer to check the water temperature.
see the 'transparent tube' next to mr. Husband? it is a skimmer
and see the white casing in front of mr.Husband?
it's the water filter to prevent any debris from the water coming back inside the aquarium
we have tested everything, and found everything okay, now the aquarium is ready to receive the fish. the aquarium received the 1st batch of the fish on 28.2.2017. 

giving the kids a glance of what kind of fish will be living inside the aquarium
here is the fish


red corris

regal tang or often called blue tang
anyone watch Finding Dory?
if yes, I bet you recognized this blue tang
is this nemo (orange color)?
but when I checked through google, 
this one known as percula clown fish

nemo (dark color)

koran angel

the nemo died few days later ;(( ... and the aquarium received its 2nd batch of fish on 28.03.2017

2nd batch we have

clark clown / nemo 
blue damsel
green chromis
threadfin butterfly
green mandarin

there you are, and we hope the fish could live harmony towards each other :))

 inside the aquarium


and yes, the nemo house called sea anemone

and these two little fans love spending their time in front of the aquarium

two kids who are always blocking your view to watch the aquarium *sigh*
mr.Husband, the man who is responsible for the aquarium
the aquarium new look
touch up surface with clear coat

hope you enjoy the aquarium tour.

thanks for reading!

ehem ehem.
*iklan kejap*
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