Three things to do this month : March 2017

hi there, goodbye month of love, Ms. February. and welcome Ms. March. how was you February, everyone? hoping you all were having good time last month, and how time flies so fast ya ... I feel I just celebrating new year, the the CNY, later my birthday few days after Valentine's Day, and now we are one quarter of the year!

- 3 things to do in February (2017) -

in February, I told myself that I need to change for my own good, and stop giving so much reason for not trying to do what I want to do ... the follow up:-

1/ I want to wake up at least 30 minutes early than my usual wake up time.

guess what, when you plan something, and you do it without giving hundreds of excuses, you really can do it ... as an early riser, I managed to go for jogging in my neighborhood. together with my two sister in law (thanks sis for supporting me), we jogged 4 to 5 times a week *exclude raining days*, and I recorded each time I managed go for a jog, in February I managed to jog 7 times (I jog for the very 1st time on 11th February) ... thanks Allah for easing this.

2 / to qada puasa

oh yes, I have 90 days hutang puasa and I need to pay it back ! 

last month, I only managed to pay 3 days of the puasa, so this month I will keep continue paying the puasa, and this month I plan to make it 10 days, insya allah.

3/ read good books

I started reading book last month, and my 1st book titled 'Hijrah Iman' , it's an Islamic book, a good book to read. the contain of the book is light and easy to understand.

oh KimChaa! you better choose me for that pre-loved book giveaway, LOL.

Three things to do this month : March 2017
Three things to do this month : March 2017

for this month of March, I have another three priorities that I want to tackle:-

1/ Drink more water - 'the 2 litres water a day challenge'

don't you know I drink less water everyday. last week mr.Husband suggest that both of us should drink at least 2 litres water a day to ensure our body will receive sufficient liquid to wash away all the toxic! we are getting older and older, and the more older you are, the more less water you drink since you are slowing down on many activities of your life *what the life*

mr.Husband himself is becoming health-conscious person nowadays, huh! ok, his suggestion is good, and I should take it as a challenge to myself. with his support, we started the 2 liters water a day challenge last few days ago, so this month I want to see if I could win the challenge T_T

2/ Exercise More

I just started my jogging things last month, and manage to jog 7 times! *a big clap to myself* ... this month I want to exercise more, not only jogging but I need to do other type of exercises. every evening,

bought this from Lazada last November,
but never use it until now, muehehe
and maybe I should start dancing too with this dance mat !

I plan to play badminton with mr.Husband. oh yes! he loves badminton so much, he even went to badminton practice with his friends long time ago, but never after we are married! haha, our life turn 360 degree upside down after married ya ... are guys also like us after married?

so, this month I hope to start play badminton at least twice a week. I'm not a good player, but hey, who cares if you just play like the kampung-kampung-style (the very amateur player)!

3/ Baking the kids birthday cake & cookies

I love eating cakes ... almost all type of cakes! yes, that's very me ....when we moved to KK last year, I left the oven in merphin house, so for that whole year, I didn't bake any cakes and cookies. so this year, I want to bake cakes and cookies for the kids (and yes for me too) ...

I don't bake any fancy cake, just an edible cake that the kids love to eat. *preparing the list what to buy for the cake, right now* ....

my last baking baking things was two years ago *sigh high* ...


so these are my three TOP things to do in March. how about you ols? 

set your plan, and aim the goal.

have a nice day everyone.


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