Saving RM30.00 for the MEAL whenever we go for an outing!

hi there,

do you know everything is expensive nowadays? yeah, I bet you know better than me. everything ... it goes up when we talk about the price.

makcik , kuih ni berapa?
tiga biji seringgit.

yes, you get tiga biji kuih for RM1, but the size is getting smaller and smaller!

previously, you spend RM30 food for FOUR PERSON, you get so much, but now? NOT ANYMORE!

and do SIR NAJIB knows how hard the people in Malaysia fork to get that RM30 nowadays? I'm living in a frugal life, SIR NAJIB.

*nextime, increase more price for petrol and cooking oil, so people in Malaysia will stop driving car and using bicycle, and we eat rice no more, but UBI KAYU!*

this is how I SAVE MY PRECIOUS RM30.00 whenever we go for an outing. *tried my best to SAVE more money*

how to save at least RM30.00 when you have 4 mouth to feed each time you go for an outing?

our simple bento box menu:-

- enough rice for four
- mayonese egg
- ikan bawal goreng splashed with black soya sauce
- ribena for the kids
- plain water for mr.Husband and I

simple ANSWER: make your own BENTO MEAL.

few weeks ago we have things to do in Kota Kinabalu (KK). from Membakut to KK is about 2 hours driving (with normal speed 80km/h) ... so I knew we will end up need to take lunch, but instead of having lunch in the restaurant, and blow our RM30.00 away, it's better to save some money by bringing OUR-OWN-BENTO-MEAL.

dua budak lapar

after finished doing our things, and it's almost lunch time. we have few options where to eat our BENTO, and we choose to eat in Tanjung Aru Park. The park is soooo clean! thumbs up to the DBKK taking care of the park so well. and even the public toilet soooooo clean.

mommy, can we eat now?

and good thing when you bring your bento box, and eat in the park with your kids, you have nothing to rush, take your time to finish your meal, and later the kids can have some fun playing in the park :)) ... put away the gadget as well, spend some quality time with your loved ones.

another good thing, the bento meal cooked by your with all your heart. it's clean and it's full with love ;)) ...

oh yes! why RM30.00 ... because that is the common price we always pay when we dine meals in a restaurant for four of us. this is for common restaurant ok, for more high class restaurant, more price to pay.

p/s: once in a while dining in a good restaurant is fine, but not always.

anyway, the choice is yours. but this is how I live my life >>> always frugal.

how about you mommy? any money-savings story to share? let me know.


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