My simple D.I.E.T soup

hi there,

I've been thinking so many times if this is the right time for me to start my diet? I questioned myself over and over again. YES, I read somewhere the sentence "START YOUR DIET NOW, NOT TOMORROW", but that only goes to a person with SUPER STRONG will, of course I am not!

sigh sigh sigh.

after taking a lot of time, thinking when to start my PROPER diet, I decided to start it now (it's been two weeks now). I study my food taking first, and observe the amount of water I drink. I am in the progress of changing a bit our food daily menu, still twisting here and there trying to figure out what's my body needed most.

this is my very first diet soup. I reduced my rice intake, but I admit I'm not a person who can live without the carbs, so whenever I put the rice away, I still take slices of bread, maximum three. *tried hard now to strict with my diet*

the soup is quite simple *yeah, I'm not a good cook*.

this one I made from the prawn broth, with some mushroom, broccoli, vege fish cake, fresh prawn, and frozen squids. add some black pepper and salt for seasoning, and if you have minyak ikan, just put few drops.

I just cook main campak-campak T_T

and I started jogging now like two to three times every weeks, early dawn as early as 4.30am ... and 40 minutes is enough for me.

and I hope I will survive with my diet plan, and hope to reduce few kilos in this month.

when there is a will, there is a way.

to anyone who wanna start losing weight, take it easy, one step at the time, plan it, and make it. and choose the healthy way. there is no short cut to slim down. and learn and listen to your body. don't make your body exhausted and suffered.

together we live the healthy life.


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