Menabung duit setiap bulan cara SURIRUMAH

hi there, what a busy day .... ok housewives .... just a story of my MONTHLY SAVINGS METHOD T_T .... do you have any method to keep your savings? or do you savings monthly? or do you have any kind of tips for money savings that you housewife (or anyone who keen for money savings) wanna share with me?

tell me how do you do your money savings for each month, or maybe each weeks?

here is mine, my MONTHLY SAVINGS METHOD .... this is one of so many ways of doing monthly savings, hope it works for you too.

every month, mr.Husband will allocate some money for me, it's my MONTHLY ALLOWANCE, it's not so much, but enough for me to do my very own shopping. last year, I just started this MONEY SAVINGS METHOD this year after I pledge to myself that I will try my best to avoid online shopping unless it is really required.

when it is end of the month, I will check my wallet, and see how many balance of money do I have in my wallet. and all that BALANCE from last month, I will take out from my wallet and put aside.

for the coins, I will put it in the coins box and will later once the coin box full, I will bank in the coins to my bank savings account ... so, let's forget about the coins ...

about the ringgit notes .... whatever the balance of money I have from my wallet, it will straightaway go to the 'MONTHLY ENVELOPE', and this envelope will be sealed and kept away in a safe place.

the money only will be used for EMERGENCY, otherwise this 'MONTHLY ENVELOPE' with the money inside, will only be opened by end of the year.

and all the money for each month will be calculated, and 70% will go to my savings account, 15% for charity and another 15% for me to treat myself after successful make a one year savings! so, that's the plan ......

anyone wanna join me to save money with this method? and let's keep the money safely and let's count how much do we manage to save by end of this year ...

this is my easy-peasy money savings method, share with me what's yours.

have a nice day everyone.


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