Inside our Merphin-House : the aquarium & kitchen shelves projects

hi there,

our mini house renovation works are still in progress , however two of four projects are almost completed! yeah, really happy with the progress, and I can't wait to share it with you all, so here I am giving a little bit of the progress of our renovation works T_T

when we construct our MERPHIN-HOUSE, mr.Husband insists that we must construct a permanent aquarium inside the house as well (what a fish lover kan) ... and I being so thoughtful *perasan diri sendiri*, agree with his request.

and the construction of the aquarium. and the picture above is quite new, taken 3 days ago. there are few touch-up works to do before we can call it 'COMPLETED' ...

and here is the 4 mini series house renovation works:-

1/ the aquarium - 80% in progress

2/ the built in kitchen shelves cum permanent wall divider
between kitchen and living area - 70% in progress

3/ the TV shelves - not started yet

4/ the safety kitchen / toilet gate - 10% in progress

and this is the permanent kitchen shelves cum the wall divider. this will separate the kitchen and the living area. previously we have the open concept kitchen, but we realized the open concept kitchen is not suit our condition since we have small naughty two little toddler *not safety at all when they can grab anything from the kitchen* ...

and this is the kitchen cabinet shelves, view from our kitchen. it's unpacking kitchen stuff time!

apart from the 4 mini series house renovation, this curtain railing is another thing. due to some reason, we hold the installation of curtain railing. first, we want to cover the door beam with tiles, then installed the railing, but since it will take longer time to install the tiles, we decided to just paint the beam with green apple color (oil paint).

finally, after pending soooo long to decide before installing the door curtain railing, now there you are, curtains!

will blog the whole complete series of the making of the aquarium and the kitchen shelves.

have a nice day everyone.


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