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Hadiah dari Girlfriends

hi there,

Happy Sunday everyone...
Hope you all have a nice weekend...

few days ago, I received a parcel, and it was from my BFF .... each year my BFF never missed out to send a gift for my birthday, and never forget to wish me happy birthday and always mendoakan yang baik baik for me ...

oh, how grateful I am, thanks Allah for giving me such a nice BFF ....

your gifts beautify my days ....

Hadiah Dari GF

This year, my BFF sent me a very beautiful bracelet, not one but two *I am so happy for the bracelet*, and a box of toy story parcel for my boys .... how sweet are you gals!

Hadiah Dari GF
Maton on the left
Ecah on the right
to my BFF, saranghae!

Hadiah Dari GF
Just perfect!

we are the sisters forever, yeah :)) .... millions of thanks for always remember me, and let's the friendship lasts forever..


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