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Craving Kuih Keria

hi there, I was craving kuih keria that day, so I googled how to make kuih keria, and later I knew this kuih keria main ingredients are white potato and wheat flour! what la me ....

I told mr.Husband to get me the white potato and one fine day, in a very early dawn, I made my own kuih keria, yeay.

It was on one of my sahur day last month ... what la bersahur bersama kuih keria, craving punya pasal kan!

mengidam kuih keria

then I dragged mr.Husband to eat together with me. haha, kesian mr.Husband jadi mangsa terpaksa layan my kuih keria seawal jam 4 pagi, muehehe....

mengidam kuih keria

this is the not-so-gorgeous kuih keria of my version. wanna the recipe? I get the recipe from blogger +cikepal06.blogspot.my , you ols better terjah resepi kuih keria cik epal tu ....

eh, cik epal buat kuih keria, serius cantik, apasal kuih keria aku comot gila?

lantaklah, janji puas dapat layan my craving , time bersahur pula tu  ;))


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