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Cold Day in Sabah

hi there ....

the weather here is quite cold since yesterday, but today a bit better. I was shivering yesterday morning and have to put on my sweater until afternoon, plus I have to wear the socks inside the house! and feel a bit funny about this as if I am not in my own beautiful country where our weather is always HOT and HUMID throughout the year.

and today, I read in newspaper a formation of ice happened in mount Kinabalu yesterday, and the Meteorological Department observed lower temperature recorded yesterday in few places other than Ranau, such as Keningau, Kudat and Kota Kinabalu. The temperature was recorded between 15 to 21 degree Celcius between 5am and 7am  ....  

newspaper from Daily Express (DE) dated 9th February 2017

"one of the reason of this 'freezing weather condition' is because of the high-pressure cold wind coming from Siberia that blows across Southeast Asian region" 
- quote from today's DE newspaper

and today once again, when I woke up in the morning, I covered myself in the comforter and my feet barely can step on our floor tiles so I have to put on my socks. duh. what a cold day! again? today?

is this autumn in the summer? better not!



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