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Time to change myself

hi there,

2017 passed a month. and the whole January, my time fulfilled with packing things moving out from Jindo-House, and moved back to Merphin-House, then unpacking some of the storage boxes, while the other storage boxes went into the temporary store, only those the-really-in-need items un-boxed.

in January, mr.Husband started the mini series of Merphin-House renovation, and still continue till today. and despite the busyness with the moving out-moving in things, we managed to host the CNY-family dinner.

and we managed hunting pre-school/nursery for lil'armies, but still not submitting the enrollment form to the school. ah! feeling a bit bad about sending the kids to pre-school/nursery. a very mixed feeling. one side say it is too early sending them to the school, but the other side say send them for their own good, let them socialize and be more independent. what should I do? is this a normal feeling when you mommies intend sending out your kids to school for the 1st time? I pray for the best.

and now here we are, in the MONTH OF FEBRUARY, my most favorite month throughout the year. the month where I celebrate my birthday. ^glittery eyes^ LOL.

apart for birthday celebration soon, I talked to mr.Husband about my planning for this year. there are so much in my mind. I want to do this, I want to do that. but planning should come with proper execution. we can plan so many things in a year, but how many of that planning that we planned manage to be executed?

I am not so ambitious person nowadays, unlike those time when I was working. life now is more like 'relax and easy', if I could not achieve what I want, I just can simply ignore it. LOL. and now it's time to change myself. I need the OLD ME back. I need to be a little ambitious and grow that ambition bit by bit until I get on my track back.


basic planning method
credit: google

to achieve what plans are in my mind, here are little steps that I will start doing:-

write down my plan

choose which plan to do first, second, third and on

make schedule , plan ahead >>> do it by weekly, monthly, etc.

execute the planning

set time / duration of every planning to be completed  

once completed, analyse it >>> mission completion with satisfaction or not or what???

so for now, I should stick with this method, but this method is always a dynamic method. I'll see if there is any room for improvement, I'll change my method. I just hope starting this month of February, I will try the best for my self to achieve some of my plan.

how about you readers? do you have any plan to-do or must-do for this month? why not start planning and see how far you manage to achieve your target. It's gonna be fun.


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