Three things to do this month : February 2017

hi there, after moving back to merphin-house, it seems like I have lots of things to do. sometimes I sighed and asked mr.Husband "what should I do first, I have lots of things to be done?" .... he gives me a simple answer "plan it" ....

Three things to do this month : February 2017
Three things to do this month : February 2017

if you have 3 things to do in this month, what it will be?

yeah, he's right. I should plan my things. and do it one by one, step by step. I should list down all the THINGS that I MUST do, NEED to do, and WANT to do. so from there, I can get a better picture which one I should do first, and what's next then. 

so I list down things to do, and tackle it one by one. and without rush. I'll try to plan it well, and stop being procrastinating. for this month, I have few things to be accomplished, and below are my TOP THREE :- 

1/ wake up 30 minutes early than the usual wake up time

every morning, I wake up around 5.30am and sometimes dragged until 6am. and if the weather quite cold due to overnight raining, I wake up even more late. sob sob sob *teary eyes feeling guilty*

and every time I wake up, I feel like I'm in a rush hour. I feel like I have no enough time to do things I should do in the morning. 

Three things to do this month : February 2017
Three things to do this month : February 2017

yes, I want to exercise early dawn, but I just have no plenty of time to do it, so I skip to exercise. yes, I want to do the laundry early in the morning so that I can dry the clothes early, but I failed to do it. yes, I want to prepare our breakfast early so when the kids wake up, their food is ready, but breakfast served quite late, at 7am.

deng! I need to change this attitude of mine. I want to have more PRODUCTIVE morning time. 

I asked myself how can I change this attitude? 

since I am not a working person anymore, since I'm a stay at home mom, and since I have no baby to BF very early in the morning, that's how my morning routine change lately. I was once an early morning wake up person. I believe I can change myself. 

forcing ourselves to wake up early is not a wise, stop forcing, but why not telling ourselves to wake up early and think about beautiful things could be accomplished of the day if we managed to wake up early? it sounds more brilliant, isn't it? 

Three things to do this month : February 2017
Three things to do this month : February 2017

I set my alarm clock at 4.45am, and put it a bit far from the bed. so once it rings, I'll wake up, stand up and walk to the alarm clock, turn it OFF and ready to start my day. so that's the planning. and each time if I managed to wake up early as per schedule, I'll remark with the 'LOVE' symbol in my planner, and let see how many 'LOVE' I'll get this month.  

2/ paying the debts : puasa & fidyah

paying the debts? how much debts do you have? do you babes remember if you owe anyone and forgotten about it? 

this is a BIG issue in my life. THE DEBTS. I hate this. I need to clear this as soon as possible. but how soon I can clear all my debts? 

I calculate the puasa & fidyah that I need to pay. it's a HUGE payback!

Three things to do this month : February 2017
Three things to do this month : February 2017
will I manage to pay all these?

the fidyah, I'll settle that one very soon. but the puasa? ..............

the 2014, I was pregnant lil' Amin, and the two consecutive years, I was fully BF lil' Amin, refused to take any risk, I hold my puasa. and now it's time to PAYBACK. no EXCUSES!

I have 90 days hutang puasa to settle, so I plan it to puasa at least 9 days a month! so I need 10 months to settle it. based on my calculation, if I stick with my plan, all these 90 days hutang will settle within this year, INSYA ALLAH. 

3 / read good books

after having the kids, very seldom I manage to read book, and to finish reading the one whole book, it takes months to make it. I'm quite busy with this and that >>> oh what a life. Giving too much excuses huh! ... so this year, I have a target, one book a month! that is my target. the genre of the book can be anything. 

I decided to start with the books on our book shelf. I have few choices, and later I will drag mr.Husband to the bookstore to get me a new book.

nowadays, I have free time between 10am - 11am. it's after the kids breakfast, shower, and read storybook with them. previously, that the-almost-one-hour-free-time I use for house cleaning (oh yes! I am crazy over house cleaning), but I guess I need to reschedule my daily / weekly housework, so I will have time to do the reading. if there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way.  

so, these are my THREE top things I want to start doing in February. how about you, what's yours?
share with me.

wish you all have a nice days, and start doing what you have plan, otherwise it doesn't work. make it happen, find your courage.

tomorrow is the VALENTINE'S DAY. have a nice day with your loved ones and people around you.


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