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The Valentine's Gift Ideas - My Top 5 Picks

hi there,

we are now in the MONTH OF LOVE. yeah, when February comes, many among us will start planning how to celebrate the VALENTINE'S DAY. we have so many things in mind when talking about the VALENTINE'S DAY such as where to celebrate the V's Day, what to wear, what meal is the best to have, etc etc and list goes on. 

But one THING we don't miss out is WHAT GIFT TO GIVE to the loved ones. OK, I agree some will say giving a gift is not necessary, however some of us love to give THE GIFT TO BE REMEMBERED on this special occasion.

what kind of gift is based on everyone's budget. if you have BIG budget, you can give an expensive gift, if you have SMALL budget, you still can give a nice gift to your loved ones, don't worry about it. there's a lot of VALENTINE'S GIFT IDEAS that you can search online that suit your budget.

since the VALENTINE'S is coming soon, few more days from now, 
here are my top 5 GIFT IDEAS that everyone could afford to give (hopefully):-

1 - Valentine's Card

write a nice beautiful wording inside and stamp it with all your heart.
giving a card is never a wrong choice.
sometimes, your loved ones will be more happy receiving a card with all your feeling towards him/her written inside. it needs COURAGE to pour the true feelings of yours on a piece of beautiful card.

you can buy a nice card from a bookstore, online or if you creative enough, make your own card.

2 - Chocolate

one of the facts about chocolate >>> the smell of chocolate can increases theta brain waves which triggers relaxation. 

get a 'relax' mood on your Valentine's Day. stop the nervous feeling, LOL. 

chocolate is something that you can purchase anywhere easily. you can buy many kind of pre-packed chocolate, home-made chocolate, premium selection chocolate, mixing few flavor and shapes in one pack, and why not try make your own chocolate to give to your loved ones?

3 - Flower

ohhhhhh yes, I'm dying to get a bouquet of roses!

getting a flower from the loved ones is what most girls are waiting for. yes it is true not all ladies like to have flower, but hey it is still one of the gift ideas.

you can buy flower arranged in a bouquet, or in a nice vase or wrap in a beautiful box. always can buy from the florist shop or why not make it all by yourself? 

I bought 12 stalks of fresh roses for only RM12.00 few years ago. I bought a nice paper and plastic wrapper + ribbon + green  flower binding'wire' for RM9.00, and using YOUTUBE, I self learning how to make the bouquet. one nice bouquet costs me only for RM21.00. 

ok, one real fact about my own flower bouquet, it looks ordinary, just ordinary, unlike if you buyt from the florist shop, you get a stunning bouquet for real. LOL

4 - Teddy Bear

who says teddy bear only for kids? you are wrong dude.

anyone can have teddy bear, age doesn't matter, gender doesn't matter. hehe.

get a nice teddy bear, with average medium size, you can buy a teddy bear less than one hundred ringgit.

credit : google

5 - Couple Gift

it's kinda extra romantic to have the couple gift things. from couple t-shirts, couple mugs, couple pillows, couple bracelets, couple watches, couple shoes, couple key-chains, couple socks, and the lists are so never-ending!

these are my top 5 lists for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. if you have no ideas what should gift you should give, never worry ... you can always ask you friends of people who are close with you to get the gift ideas, or else, since we all live very close with mr.GOOGLE (literally), so why not ask mr. GOOGLE?

try it! and you might get some ideas like these

gift ideas for her

gift ideas for him

anyway, Valentine's Day is all about sharing your love with people who you love and love you.
your LOVE is the BEST GIFT ever, 
giving a GIFT is not a COMPULSORY things to do, 
so if you can't afford any single gift to give, never feel bad.

a sincere WISHING from your true heart is what your loved ones always LOVE to have.

wishing everyone a very beautiful VALENTINE'S DAY
(celebrate your Valentine's Day in the right way)


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