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Simple fried tang hoon recipe , easy peasy you can do it

hi there, when I wake up every morning, of course la kan as a housewife, the first thing come in my mind is WHAT IS THERE FOR THE BREAKFAST TODAY? ... I am a person who only can cook simple dish. never asked me to cook the complicated meal, I'll decline absolutely. LOL.

Simple fried tang hoon recipe
Simple fried tang hoon recipe

one of our regular breakfast is fried noodles, and one of noodles that I love to eat is the fried 'tang hoon' , some called it glass noodles. this kind of noodles is very easy to cook. you can fried it, or mix with your stir fry vegetables, or make soup, etc ....

here is my simple recipe for fried tang hoon.

my must have ingredients:-

- tang hoon mi (sufficient amount for your family member)
- stir fry cabbage
(you can use any dish such as fried chicken fillet, fried fish fillet, shredded carrots, etc)
- 1 egg
- a tablespoon of chopped turmeric
- a tablespoon of chopped garlic
- a tablespoon of fish oil / chicken stock
- salt
- pepper

Simple fried tang hoon recipe
Simple fried tang hoon recipe

gather all the ingredients needed, and let's get cooking!

1 - soak tang hoon until soft

2 - toast the water away using the strainer

3- heat the wok, and add three tablespoon of cooking oil

4- put garlic and turmeric, stir-fry for a minute

5- add in egg, and fry it

6- add in cooked cabbage

7- stir fry all together

8- add in tang hoon, cook until it soften

9- if the tang hoon still 'clayey' / 'cloggy' (liat), pour some water in the wok

10- add enough salt and the fish oil. if you have no fish oil, you can use oyster sauce or chicken stock

11- once the tang hoon feels soften and has the 'glass' look, it is ready to be served

12 - eat while hot! LOL.

Simple fried tang hoon recipe
Simple fried tang hoon recipe

bon appetit everyone.

so if you have no idea what to have for breakfast, try this easy-peasy fried tang hoon. simple yet delicious.

have a great day everyone.


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