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Cucur bubuk easy-peasy recipe

hi there, what am I these days? I said I want to start my diet, but there are a lot of excuses, LOL. one thing for sure these days I just love FRITTERS. any kind of fritters. banana fritters la, sweet potato fritters la, rice fritters la, and now bubuk fritters.

remember that day I blogged about our beautiful sea view lunch hour at Sawangan Beach? oh yes, I grateful we had our lunch there, because of it, we managed to buy fresh BUBUK from the local man there.

and if you are a big fan of BUBUK, you know lah how cucur bubuk taste like, right? and hard to say NO to these cucur bubuk. LOL.

cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters
cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters

I'm not a good cook, and I am not a person who have high patience, so whatever I cook, I cook only the simple dish. if I want to eat something yummy and need patience to do it, I'll ask mr.Husband to make for me. but not for these cucur bubuk, I can do it myself, lucky it is very easy peasy to make it. hehe.

cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters
cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters

this recipe is very simple, anyone can do it ... 

let's see the ingredients:-

400 gram of flour
3 chopped shallots medium size
2 cloves of chopped garlic
1 egg
2 teaspoon of salt
6 teaspoon of brown sugar
250ml water

cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters
cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters

if you have no idea what is bubuk looks like, so this is the bubuk
the look looks like a very small fine shrimp.

let's make the batter. it's very easy.

1/ put the flour in the bowl together with the chopped shallots, garlic, salt and sugar.

2/ pour the water little by little, and mix all the ingredients together until it makes a nice batter.

3/ make sure the batter not too watery or not too hardened. if too watery, add more flour, if too hardened add more water.

4/ wash the bubuk thoroughly, make sure remove all the fine pebbles (that caught together during catching these bubuk from the sea banks).

5/ now, add in the bubuk and the egg in the batter, and mix well the batter

6/ heat the cooking oil in the pan

7/ scoop the batter in small amount, and fry it in the pan

8/ fried one side for a minute or two, until golden brown, then turn the other side and cook for a minute or less, also until golden brown.

9/ and now the bubuk fritters is ready to be lifted away from the pan, LOL 

10/ yeah, finally CUCUR BUBUK or BUBUK FRITTERS is ready to be eaten. served while hot. the best to eat is when you have the Thai's Chilli Sauce.     

cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters
cucur bubuk / bubuk fritters

enjoy everyone.

hope you have a great Friday, today.

simple recipe hangat dari dapur mrs pip :))


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