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Tupperware 'Take and Go' for Christmas Gift

hi there, I think I am a big fan of TUPPERWARE products. at first I joined Tupperware because there was a product that I wanted to purchase, but later it becomes a habit to buy the product every month. and now I have a lot of Tupperware collection, and I'll try my best to stop buying the product, but when each time Tupperware is on sale, I'll quickly purchase it.

Tupperware 'Take and Go' for Christmas Gift
Tupperware 'Take and Go' for Christmas Gift

one of the collection that I purchased last month was this 'Take and Go'. it's a lunch box or maybe will call it a bento box. it comes with two square container, a set of spoon and fork, and 2 350ml tumbler.

I bought it at the price of RM49.90. and purposely bought it for my MIL for Xmas gift. since she loves purple so much, so the color give extra bonus to make my MIL a big smile. she loves this so much and now whenever she goes out for her church trip, she packs her lunch in this.

I can't remember how much I pay to join the Tupperware membership, it was a few years ago, but what I clearly remember is that each time I purchase the product, I'll get about 25% discount price. and how to be a member, just go to any Tupperware branch, and register to be a member.

and for easy access for Tupperware monthly catalogue, just visit the official Malaysia Tupperware website at http://www.tupperwarebrands.com.my/ and click 'THIS MONTH LATEST'. you can browse the catalogue online, or download it for free.

I heard LAZADA also selling some of the Tupperware product, so anyone who has no time to rush buying Tupperware at the Tupperware Store, feel ease to shop at LAZADA, moreover LAZADA is selling hundreds of product, it is a one-stop-online-shopping-center, and always have great discounts!


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