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The U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E reason why mr.Husband insists to raise the goose

hi there,

when mr.Husband wanted to buy a goose, I absolutely declined his attention at first. Adding another 'family member' is not something easy. You will add extra responsibility for the household. however, I should consider his ultimate reason for having a goose.

The TAIWAN breed
the very first reason and the so-ultimate reason why mr.Husband really want to buy these beautiful geese was he thought these geese could be the guardian for our little garden. the wild monkeys always attack our plants.

however, these geese really live quietly, hardly to hear their sound, we have to forget the intention to make these geese as our garden's guardian. huh.

second reason is that because it lays egg. and that egg means for breeding! mr.Husband even bought an electric incubator, and it is super expensive (in my mind yo).

so here we are, trying to incubate the eggs.

I think 2 reasons are enough, but later there is the third reason to raise these geese. it's the egg! the egg itself is quite huge (for me), and when you fried it, it enough to feed two adults.

so if you have a goose, and you failed to incubate the eggs, so there is another reason why you should be happy to raise the goose >>> you can always eat the eggs! LOL. but I tell you what, one goose egg cost RM3.00 in the market, it's pricey doesn't it? so when you eat the goose egg, just feel like you hit a jackpot!

seriously, we admit that we failed to incubate the eggs. we have less knowledge about it, we feel a bit miserable about it. we bought a pricey geese, an expensive egg incubator to breed the goose, but yet we failed.

we are in our adventure learning how to breed the goose. wish us luck. and if anyone have any info or experience how to incubate the goose egg, let us know ya.


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