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The very last day of 2016

hi there,

it was the VERY LAST DAY of 2016.

mr.Husband, our kids and I went to SIPITANG. and yes, I grabbed my mother in law to join us. I was having a back ache for the last few weeks, I guess my body is just full with what the local people said 'badan berangin', so I need a good 'tukang urut' to massage my body.

There are a lots of spas out there, but I still prefer the very traditional way of massage, so looking for a good 'tukang urut' is not easy. A good friend of mine who is living in Sipitang, recommend a lady named Kak Munah. That is the real reason why we went to Sipitang, not really we want to spend our last day of 2016 in Sipitang, but it was about me wanting a traditional massage from a good 'tukang urut'.

skip the massage experienced. I bet you wouldn't like to hear how painful it was. haha. but I feel better after the massage, much more better though it was painful.

BFF Lizawaty and yours truly 
meeting a good old-friend is what I feel happy. Have not meet for sometime, I think the last time I met her was in somewhere 2014, gosh more than 2 years ago! she just the same lady like before, nothing much change except that we have to admit both of us have WRINKLES now! geez.

after finished getting massage by Kak Munah, we asked Liza, my BFF to join us lunch at Venture Reach. If any of you go to SIPITANG, this Venture Reach is a nice place to get your meal plus they have few rooms for visitors to stay overnite, so in case you need a sleepover in Sipitang, try Venture Reach.

Love the claypot mee,
the kids behave themselves. that's good. so mommy and daddy and pohpoh can eat without having a heart-ache, ngee. everyone enjoyed the meal. 

but it won't last long. just right after the meal, these two kids throwing themselves playing under the table! huh, our kids are always like this. I just let them play since no point asking them to sit properly, moreover they already finished their meal.

after the meal, I said goodbye to my BFF. Later mr.Husband said since we were in Sipitang, why not drive to LAWAS. Actually, mr.Husband wanted to hunt for a durian. hurm, is the durian season still ON? I thought it was OVER.

Lawas, here we come!

Need to queue at the border for immigration clearance. not too many vehicles...

playing with lil' Amin while mr.Husband is driving... the kids still have a lot of energy... from Sipitang to Lawas is about 1 hour or maybe less a bit, so we need to keep the kids in good mood to avoid any crankiness, hehe. and yes, my mother in law is super sporting, she just layan our craziness inside the car.

reached Lawas finally and straightaway went to the market for durian hunting... see, what did I tell you? it's OVER THE SEASON. it was a very short trip to Lawas, we'll come back again, insya allah when the season come, ok.

and the kids enjoyed themselves sleeping in the car. thanks Allah for giving us a smooth journey all the way from membakut sipitang lawas and back to our home.

And that nite, we were celebrating new year eve.


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