Goodbye Jindo-House

hi there,

we have moved back to merphin two weeks after new year. for the last 15 months, we were renting a double - storey terrace corner house in KK. it's a good neighborhood, with Chinese is the majority occupants at that area. it's a safe place, even when you go out without locking your door, no thief come and intrude your house.

there was one time we all went out for jogging in the morning, and coming home about lunch time. how we all forgot to lock our main door, we have no idea. maybe everyone were so excited to go jogging at that particular day! LOL.

when we arrived home, we were a bit surprised when the door has not been locked. and we were so furious to know if someone broke into the house, but no one inside and the house just as it is, so we assumed that we didn't locked the door when we went out.

huh! lucky us nothing is missing.

for the last 15 months staying at this place, it's rare to see strangers coming in and out at this neighborhood, moreover, most of our neighbor has pet dog as their entrance guard. and I tell you, their pet dog is not just a kampung dog, it's the well trained dog!

so many memories staying here, but now it's time to say GOODBYE JINDO-HOUSE.


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