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hi there,

so next time when you buy a mouse for your desktop/laptop, and there is a battery included inside ya, MAKE SURE MAKE SURE you check the condition of the battery.

I learn my lesson! simply bought a super cheap cordless mouse RM19.90, yeah! really super cheap, who cares if the brand is CAP TIKUS as long as it is functioning can't afford to buy LOGITECH, super EXPENSIVE, and one more great thing about this CAP TIKUS mouse, there is a FREE battery included inside the mouse.

so, went back home, plug the mouse 'sensor' to the USB port, and hey, mouse is unable to be detected by the laptop! and check the battery, GUESS what? battery leaking! .... haish .... blaming myself why not checking during buying this stuff eh? ....

took out the battery, wipe the leaking chemical, replace with a new battery, and pray the mouse will be functioned ....

lucky you my new mouse CAP TIKUS, now I can use you. please be a good SERVANT, otherwise I will have a hard time saving my money to buy LOGITECH mouse saw the cordless LOGITECH mouse with a price of RM129.90, super crazy deal , the truth is I can't afford to buy the expensive one, ngee.


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