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Catching up dengan 'kawan selamanya', Fran-CescaLynn...

hi there,

dalam hidup ini,  antara orang yang kita hargai ialah seseorang yang kita panggil SAHABAT.  yang buat indahnya hidup kita ini,  selain keluarga tersayang,  kita dikelilingi oleh sahabat...

ada banyak cerita bagaimana seseorang itu boleh menjadi sahabat kita, dan ianya ada yang bermula


namun akhirnya menjadi


ataupun menjadi


hidup ini banyak keajaiban!

Happy smiling faces both of us
meeting each other, catching up stories
... Friends forever...
Friends for life
I still remember the first time I met her!

mrs pip dalam pesawat,  perjalanan Kota Kinabalu ke Kuala Lumpur,  1997 ...

dia duduk di sebelah mrs pip ,  she was a very quiet person.  A friend of hers sat next to her, she sit in the middle between mrs pip and his friend, bila ditanya oleh kawan dia,  dia cuma cakap sepatah..  my first impression was, may be dia ni seorang yang pendiam.

I was a bit bored in the plane, flying alone.  So,  adalah juga mrs pip try bawa dia bersembang, tapi mcm tu lah,  she was not in the mood untuk berbual,  so my conversation ended after a very few sentences,  hehe...

She. who was a stranger.  sitting next to me in the plane.  ended up being my ROOMMATE.  for the whole two years.  and she's my BEST partner in crime.  

and that's how ALLAH planned for me, sending me a nice person to be my good friend! and after all these years,  we are still friends.


sekarang ni masing masing ada life sendiri,  so memanggggggggg sangatttttt jarangggg jumpa,  but we still made an effort to meet,  at least once a year.... catching up meeting each other really need a LOT OF EFFORT nowadays,  huh! well,  it understandable anyway coz masing masing busy busy busy...

to my dear loving friend,  Fran-CescaLynn Tayaan,

I am so happy meeting you last Saturday though it was a short catched up in City Mall,  and it is nice to hear you travel stories HK-Osaka-Tokyo. Salute to you dare to travel solo 👍👍👍... wish to meet you again,  next year insya allah.

And so glad whenever we talked about our yesteryear, so many memories, and Fran, thanks for that 'Sandal kegemaran saya, the leather brown sandal'.  For years saya hutang kau tu sandal, and thanks for let it go the hutang...  the rest of the stories, hanya kita berdua yang tahu, muehehe...

Will always put you in my heart,  and thanks for being my friends for all these years... 20 years of good friendship soon,  love you so much!

We went to the same college,  become classmate,  and roommate, later went to the same university, taking different course, but we are still best friends,  and it was 20 years ago.

Let's meet again next year.

Take care

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