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Road to get FREE Huawei P9 smartphone

hi there, i heard about the brand Huawei just recently when everyone talking about the phone camera . i am not so fond into the smartphone things unless it gives a good camera to me . each person has different 'good' definition , it is subjective to define the word. good camera is not for the selfie things for me though i selfie once in a while *happy face* but a camera that give a real good focus and snap T_T

oh, whatever!

but recently when few people taking photos using this new Huawei P9, and everyone said it's nice, it's better than iPhone, it has good apperture, it's bla bla bla , don't too amused until you try it for yourself T_T deng!

nope, just trust the phone, it's a serious business , the phone camera is amazing. people writing good review not becoz the get paid but becoz they really like the phone like the phone is their new soulmate T_T

i need a new smartphone, and for some reason i still hold my desire to have one becoz i need a smartphone that come with a good camera so that i don't have to invest my money for another camera *but you know what, i still want to buy a dslr* ...

making a decision is not easy, and i wondering how people can make a quick decision to buy things just like in split seconds they know what to buy exactly.

i remember my brother told me how bad i am when come to decision making coz i have to wait 2 years to get a new phone *that was an old 5 years story* ....

not only i need a new phone with a good camera, but i also need a new internet package since my old package is no longer suit my need and the price is way too expensive for me to pay *seriously, it's an old internet package, that you ols need to check your package as well and get the real good one with the best money value*

I check Celcom if i can get a good package ... ok, they have a good deal about the internet package, plus i can get FREE huawei p9 *big smile* ... 

the package is FIRST PLATINUM, rm150/month ... free Huawei P9 for 2 years contract, and rm800 upfront payment, device price is RM0. T_T

then check for Maxis ....

they have a good deal for Huawei P9 ... with RM63/month , user can enjoy 5GB video streaming data but need to pay 4 months advance for the package to get the free device ...
ehem ehem ... ... celcom or maxis?

but this time, i cant wait for 2 years to make a decision huh!  hehehe ...

gonna drag mr.Husband to bring me to sign up for a new internet package and get my new phone! hohoho.

now, it's either celcom or maxis, and Huawei P9 or P9 Plus? .... hurmmmmmmmmmm

technologies of smartphone are pretty amazing nowadays .... so hard to choose .... but one rule for me is, buy that suit my need . since i am really need a smartphone that come with a good camera features , i guess Huawei P9 is one of those possible device i should put in my to-buy-gadget list.


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