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Cerita diet bulan ke sepuluh

hi there,

my current weight memang malas nak cerita.

berbulan bulan berusaha mau buang this lemak 3kg yang very degil, tapi still tak berjaya.

so last time timbang berat badan was in mei kan,  berat was 63kg.

this time pun sama juga, berat tak turun statik ja ....

;( walhal usaha sudah di buat, tapi still no progress.

maybe ada silap in my diet plan.

Cerita diet bulan ke sepuluh
Cerita diet bulan ke sepuluh 

so what now?

stop it

it's been 10 months now since mrs pip start ber-diet sakan, dan memang nak buang 10kg lemak ... tapi memang tak nak buat diet yang drastik, so bagi masa 1 year untuk buang that 10kg lemak ... now dah 10 months, tapi that 3 kg lemak degil tak nak hilang ....

I've been thinking to stop my diet plan, but I have 2nd thought ... I should just proceed on diet for the remaining 2 months to myself ...  and for these 2 months time, I should keep calm, no stress , relax and plan wisely with my diet.

I'm no taking any diet pills or supplement, so I just need to see where is my mistake and improve the situation.

will come out with my 2 months diet planning soon.

till then, happy pilates.


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