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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Road trip to Pekan Menumbok

hi there,

just clearing some of my draft entries, and found this super late draft entry. ugh. nevermind, write whatever you wanna write, and never put in the draft for too longgggggggg, otherwise it's gonna be the pekasam for your blog T_T *just an advice and reminder to myself* ....

we were in Kuala Penyu since mr.Husband need to meet someone there. and after the meet up, we decided to go further up to Pekan Menumbok just for jalan jalan and killing time ... we have been here before, but since we have nothing much to do in Kuala Penyu on that day, so why not bring the kids for sightseeing *nothing much fancy you could see here, but tell you what, our lil' armies are always happy whenever we bring them jalan-jalan cuci mata naik kereta , muehehe*

road to Pekan Menumbok

Pekan Menumbok is a sub-district under Kuala Penyu jurisdiction. This pekan welcomed anyone and if you decided to go to Pulau Labuan using ferry, this is the right place to come. this pekan is the other gateway to Labuan, besides Kota Kinabalu.  if you wanna know the ferry schedule, you can always visit here ...*an updated list not found by me*

Kuala Penyu to Menumbok roughly about 40km. and if you happened to come here, please do not expect too much ... this is just a very small pekan, and basic facilities pretty much adhered, such as balai polis, klinik kesihatan awam, sekolah, masjid, pasar, jabatan kastam, small shops ...

want to visit Labuan but intend not to bring along your vehicle? never feel worry, ample private parking lots provided ... just pay the parking charge RM5.00 per nite, and I heard from my husband's relatives, it is safe to leave the car since got jaga to look after the vehicle.

I asked mr.Husband to bring us to Labuan next time, but hard for him to promise that to us :( since his working schedule is uncertain these days ... have been to Labuan twice, but it was during my university days somewhere in year 2001 and 2002 ...

lil' armies were enjoying the road trip and its view ... see the photo above, it's some of the road view and the pekan area that we managed to snap photos. and yes, we even went to the nearby Mempakul beach, but just stay in the car since the weather was a bit windy and the cloud was a bit dark telling us it's gonna rain like cats and dogs pretty soon T_T for precaution, better stay inside the car, or else you could get wet later.

entry you might want to read ... shared here about The Pesta Bakanjar that we visited some time ago T_T before that,let me ask you anyone heard about Pesta Bakanjar? well, it is an ethnic culture show held in Pekan Kuala Penyu. we were there during the pesta, and I learned few things such as knowing more about the ethnic, ethnic traditional costume, meeting and greeting the local people, etc ...

Pesta Bakanjar in Kuala Penyu (Part 1) ; learning about other Malaysian ethnics' cultures

Pesta Bakanjar in Kuala Penyu (Part 2); strolling around the handicraft stalls

Pesta Bakanjar (Part 3) ; the unforgettable memories

we were really enjoying our selves driving along the way to Pekan Menumbok on that day ... do you have any favorite road trip? where is it? ...

and thanks for reading this, xoxo.



  1. Hope one day can go to Pulau Labuan too. :D

  2. busyra tak pernah smpai ke sini lg.. hehe

  3. nice trip... hopefully one day I can visit there...

  4. Pernah outstation ke Labuan. Satu pulau habis setengah jam drive. Punya lah kecik. Tapi tak pernah explore Pekan Menumbok.

  5. Tak pernah sampai.. Sedihnya.. Hope one day sha akan jejak kaki disini..