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Thursday, 20 April 2017

(Part 2) Trip to Beaufort Fire Station by Pusat Anak Permata Negara (Membakut); the firefighter truck

hi there,

after the 1st activity, it's time to tour the firefighter truck. mr.Husband took fewphotos of lil' Iman around inside out the truck.

please enjoy lil' Iman's 'syok sendiri' moments ;)

"can I drive this truck?" 
(asking himself, hehe)

peace sign
(lil' Iman's signatures nowadays)

inside the firefighter truck
so many types of hoses and other tools

eh, that hoses has its own purposes.
got the long one, the short one, different nozzles and so on.

eh, abang bomba yang baik hati ;)
willing to spend few seconds to snap pic with lil' Iman

lil' Iman, are you ready to be the firefighter?
remember, you need to sacrifice for your country, no play play ooorrr...

other parents with their kids enjoying tour the firefighter vehicles

inside the truck
lil' Iman and who is this sweet little girl? casey probably.
(I still can't memorize all the kids name) 

and now I can drive this big ROY?

p/s: ROY, refer to one of the character in ROBOCAR POLI

eh, what are you looking at lil' Iman?

eh, ada Darth Vader ;)

mommy's gorgeous little firefighter

this trip really give good experienced for all not only the kids and the teachers, but the parents as well. and we learnt a lot from this trip.

p/s: eh, don't play play with fire oooo ....

I tell you, when I picked lil' Iman that evening from the school, all the way back home, he told me how he was so happy visiting the Bomba, and he said he saw ROY, and he managed to go inside ROY .... and he even told me to stay away from fire, because it's dangerous.

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Thumbs up pusat permata anak negara membakut

ehem ehem.
*iklan kejap*
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