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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bola-bola keria

hi there,

that day I was craving kuih keria. and the craving-ness went crazy, I woke up early during my qada puasa just to prepare for the kuih keria ...

and the crazy-craving-ness continues ....

bola-bola keria
I asked mr.Husband to buy keledek for me. this time he bought keledek kuning. putih ka , kuning ka, fine with me. but this time, instead of duit the 'gelang gelang' shape kan, I just make it into bola-bola , and later call it bola-bola keria! mood malas mau kasi gelang gelang

this one mrs pip just sukat main agak agak .... 

peel off the potato skin, cut into small pieces and boil until tender 

once tender, remove excess water, and mash it
using mortar and pestle (batu lesung)
add brown sugar 
add wheat flour
mix well until it becomes a-not-too-soft-yet-not-too-hard dough
make it into small balls like ping-pong size
and when you place it in the plate, to prevent the balls stick
to each other and the plate itself, spread some flour to the balls
and ready to fry it
tada! your bola-bola keria is almost ready
because I was like so lazy to make the sticky sugar,
I just prepare icing sugar
roll the kuih into icing sugar and let it covered  
tada! siap pun bola bola keria.
enjoy with a cup of tea!
yeah. makan pasti sedap :)


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