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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ikan tenggiri goreng crispy ... memang rangup!

hi there,

hope the sun shine brightly today, and all of us have a beautiful day. last week when mrs pip went to Setakang Beach to collect pebbles with mr.Husband, we brought along our bento box, and one of the dish that mrs pip managed to make was ikan tenggiri goreng crispy, it is a simple and very easy dish to prepare.

if you have no ikan tenggiri, you can replace it with other fish, ikan temenung pun boleh ;)

the simplest step by step to do it:-

clean the fish and cut into 2-bites size, or to your desirable size

I always blender all these and put in fridge,
ease my cooking and time saving too

marinate your fish. 
I'm using a tablespoon of chopped turmeric, chopped garlic and a bit of chopped ginger, 
salt and few drops of fish oil
mixed all the marinate ingredients well with the fish

mixed well the marinated fish with two tablespoon of tapioca flour

in a plate, place about a cup of tapioca flour, 
and coated well the marinated fish with tapioca flour

once finish coated the fish with the tapioca flour,
cool it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before fry

fry using medium heat

it's crispy, seriously yummy too
get your favorite sambal or sauce to eat with,
mine is thai chilli sauce.

bon appetit.


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