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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fruitty cold pasta dessert Recipe ... perfect for Valentine's Day

hi there,

I make another simple yet yummy recipe again, and this time it's DESSERT time! I make FRUITY COLD PASTA. it's very easy to do it.

wanna celebrate Valentine's Day with a simple but yummy dish plus inexpensive meal, this is what you can have, it's super affordable. LOL.

since this kind of pasta is cold, absolutely it's so nice to eat during HOT weather! ngee.

so how to make this FRUITTY COLD PASTA? let's check the simple ingredients:-

1 / 300gm of fusili pasta (you can use any kind of pasta such as macaroni or penne
2/ mayonese
3/ large can of fruit cocktail (Del Monte Brand, but can use any other brand. However this brand is the best for me)
4/ raisins 

 the easy-peasy steps how to do it:-

1/ boil a water in a pot
2/ once boil, put the pasta in, add a pinch of salt, and cook for 8 - 10 minutes
3/ once cook, using strainer, toast the pasta

4/ open the fruit cocktail and remove the sugar water. collect only the fruit
5/ in a salad bowl, put the pasta. add in sufficient amount of raisin, mayonese, and the fruit cocktail
6/ mix them well
7/ put the mixed pasta in the fridge for about one to two hours before serve

8/ best serve when the pasta is cold

ok, now bon apetit!

enjoy this simple cold pasta with your loved ones!

With Love,
have a great Valentine' Day.


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