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When he managed to finish his study

hi there,

when I was organizing my photos folder in my laptop, I found a folder of mr.Husband's graduation day. so I just want to stick two three photos of him here, for our kids to trace their dad's among sweet moments in life.

I wasn't able to come during his graduation day since I just gave birth three months to our lil' Iman at that time. lucky enough mr.Husband's younger brother who is working in peninsular was able to accompany him, so at least he was not alone.

photo taking after the grad ceremony in front of UUM main entrance gate

with one of the student met during the grad ceremony

with mr.Husband's brother

how I wish I could be there with him

I asked mr.Husband if he wanna continue to the next level, and he told me 'hmmm, never again'. he must be a bit scared with all the homework and research and report writing. chuckles.

but I keep dreaming to go study together with him.


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