My 5 Most Read Entries in December + Happy New Year 2018

hi there, happy new year everyone. still not too late to wish Happy new year yeah ... so a bit late to pin up the 5 most entries in December 2017 since new year was a bit busy and rush hour for us. both the kids now enroll to the big kids school, the Chinese preschool near the town. and a day later we were facing flood here for almost two days, and the old town areas were closed (where our kids preschool located), and thanks Allah the flood fully subside and the school will be opened by next Monday, so another few days holiday for the kids.

My 5 Most Read Entries in December + Happy New Year 2018
My 5 Most Read Entries in December + Happy New Year 2018

so, what's hot in December 2017:-


Cara senang tanak nasi pulut


Peraduan 'Local Travel Story' di Traveloka (17 April - 5 Mei 2017)


Hotel sekitar Penang ; Menarik, Murah & Selesa


Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut


Product Review // My Safi Rania Gold

I wrote 39 entries in December 2017, but some of the entries were giveaways / contests / bloglist segments , and so far this blog pageviews reached 260,491 by end of year 2017 with 279 followers, and 198 like for fan page, and 225 followers for IG.  thanks to all readers / audiences for visiting and leaving comments in my small tiny blog. really appreciated it.

and as for this blog, many more steps to reach my 1st 1M PV, hope this new year 2018 will bring more happiness for this blog, teehee T_T.

and I am thinking to do my 1st giveaway for this year, most probably in February, so you all have to stay tune with my blog, and I promise to provide more fun and attractive gifts, insya allah. 

new year, new beginning, so I hope your new year will full with lots of love and abundance with lots of great stories .... wishing everyone a success and let's strive to fulfill the new year's resolutions ....  

thanks for reading everyone.



  1. Good achievement Mrs.Pip! I feel motivated somehow hehe ^^ Thanks for the nice sharing! <3 keep going and never give up! ^^

  2. good achievement ! terbaiklahhh. saya ni nak menulis pon malas. hahahha

  3. wooww..good achievement.. dya nk menaip ni pun mood slalu xde..hehe

  4. banyak dah entry terkumpul dalam tahun 2017 tu..teruskan semangat lagi untuk berblog ya mrs pip.

  5. but i love all ur entries. hehe


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