hi there,

Admit that, I was once a big fan of kdrama ... but nowadays I'm a bit selective with what I want to watch , I only watch drama that really come to my attention despite who is the hero and heroin, but when it comes to few artistes such as park shin hye, lee seung gi, ku hye sun, song hye ko, jang keun suk, lee min ho, park min young, shin min ah, jaejoong, junsu, lee bo-young, lee jong suk, song joong ki and few others, it's hard not to watch their dramas ...

how about u ols? are u kdramas addict? any fav stars? ....

if previously I follow almost his stories (when I was single, muehehe) but nowadays not anymore ... my prince charming is no longer this asia prince, but always my 3 men in life --- mr.Husband, lil'Iman n lil' Amin ....

wishing jang keun suk dongseng a nice happy 30th birthday (it was yesterday 4.8.17) ... all the best ! ....ok JKS, this noona hope to see you with Park Shin Hye dongseng ( I heard she is with Jung Hwa , the CNBlue ... 😂 is that true?)



  1. Minat JGK since You're Beautiful sampai sekarang tapi sejak dah ada ramai oppa, inc Ji Chang Wook, jarang dah nak follow story dia


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