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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Selected as one of the winner of SGShop credit giveaway from FARAHGLANZDOTCOM

hi there,

anyone joined SGShop credit giveaway by FarahGlanzDotCom? result came out last nite. It was on top of my reading list when I saw the entry. and as usual, I always check and follow my reading list, what's new entry post from the other blogger...

so, in case you need to check your participation, you can CLICK HERE, and check your lucky number. and if you have some time, feel free to blogwalking :) ...

drum rolls!!!! result for the winner list .... once you check you participation LUCKY NUMBER , now it's time to check the RESULT *pray hard to win* ....

my participation LUCKY NUMBER is 3 .... did you check yours?

and CLICK HERE to check the list of the winners :-

tada! very ALHAMDULILLAH, my LUCKY NUMBER listed as one of the winner of SGSHOP credit giveaway by FARAHGLANZDOTCOM..

rezeki mak mengandung :) sit back and relax, wait for the credit to be added in my SGShop, then I can do my shopping. and to all the winners, congrats! and those who is not winning, don't worry you still can join the SGShop credit giveaway by other bloggers:-

sedang berlangsung SGShop credit giveaway by
Solehah Shamsuddin (GA ended on 20/6/17), CLICK HERE 
Iman Abdul Rahim (GA ended 18/6/17) CLICK HERE

and I join it too, wish me luck ya.
and all the best to you too.


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