Pulau Tiga; Celebrating 1000 days wedding anniversary


this is a story about us celebrating our 1000 days wedding anniversary. Mr.Husband was busy the whole month at that time, so for our anniversary, I request for a great escape! It doesn't need to be something expensive or glam, but just a perfect place for us to spend quality time together with the kids, that's the best for me!

morning view at Kuala Penyu Jetty

I told mr.Husband how I wish I could visit Pulau Tiga one day. 

Visiting Pulau Tiga, or well-known SURVIVOR ISLAND was one of my local travels that I will always remember. The day was sunny, and our trip to Pulau Tiga went easy, with our two little kids at that time, Iman was 2 years old, while Amin was just 4 months old. Both of them were so happy and not grumpy at all T_T ... Thanks you children.

 Iman with his kung-kung (grandpa), 
and the ship behind them was the one that we chartered to go to Pulau Tiga

Amin with yours truly at the Kuala Penyu Jetty

Celebrating the 1000 days wedding anniversary; does it  sounds romantic? For me, YES it is romantic. woohaa!

Iman with his cousin, Wawa and his poh-poh (grandma) sitting in the front row  

We chartered a fishing ship that could accommodate 24 people on board in one time. We gathered at the jetty of Kuala Penyu as early as 6.00am, and the ship owner told us the ship will depart to Pulau Tiga at 6.30am. I was so thrill to go there.

the damaged old barge.
once the barge was use to transport visitors from other places to Kuala Penyu
before the bridge near Petronas Station were built.

jetty owned by the local people

Time to depart. The ship slowly moving and leaving the mainland. What a beautiful scenery while leaving the jetty; you can see wild mangroves, jetty (owned by local people mainly the fishermen), fishing ships, stretching beaches, etc.  

can you see the mangroves?

The blue skies and the calm blue sea were the only views for our eye-sights after leaving the jetty of Kuala Penyu. The journey from the jetty of Kuala Penyu to Pulau Tiga went smoothly, and we reached Pulau Tiga about 60 minutes later. 

leaving the mainland; Kuala Penyu

I've been trying to visit this island for a number of times, but never succeed! and after so many attempts, finally I reached the island! One of my travel places in my wishlist ticked. 

yeah! Pulau Tiga here I come.

a longggggg longgggg way to walk!

I considered the jetty of Pulau Tiga is quite long.  I was carrying Amin, our four months old baby and walking under the hot sun, I really need an umbrella, and even a stroller perhaps! It was a long walked. I was tired and my T-shirt wet with sweat. 

But, once I reached the visitor registration entrance of the island, and seeing the white sandy beach, all my tiredness disappeared T_T.

can't wait to touch the sand

Iman in front of the registration counter
ok Iman, register first, otherwise you are 'illegal immigrant' , hehe.

The visitor who come here, need to pay the entrance fee and register the name at the registration counter. After we done with the registration, we walked around the island and get ourselves a shelter hut to place our belongings and the food that we brought.

hey look! who's the photographer?

I placed the kids' playmat on the ground, but be careful not to stay under the coconut tree, you don’t want the fronds or the fruit fall down to you! Some family members were setting up for barbeque, yeah!

my three favorite men T_T 

Iman with a cup of tea for breakfast :)

When everyone finished eating breakfast; some went for fishing, some busy prepare to cook for lunch, some went for an island tracking, some went for volcano mud bathing, and some busy with the monopod; selfie around the island.

our super hardworking ladies, preparing meal for our lunch.

one of the meal on that day,
the delicious simple fish soup

a dotting father

I let mr.Husband to take care of Amin, so I went for a little island tour with Iman. Okay Iman, let's walk till us tired :) muehehe.

the directory
before you start your island tracking, why not study the directory first?

let's see, where are we Iman?

anyone wanna go anywhere?
ok, let's go to Mud Volcano Trail!
Iman, this way please >>>>>>>

what a history!

the staff quarters

I could not remember what was that building,
if not mistaken, it's a canteen

Iman was busy picking the fig tree fruit

I asked Iman to walk further, but the only thing he could do was
laying on the ground and said 'I am tired, mommy'.

can you see a monkey?
if you visiting Pulau Tiga, please be aware with the monkeys
they try hard to snatch your food :)

a docked yacht 
what a beautiful blue sea and the sky!

After spending some time walking around the island with Iman, I went back to see Amin. The mom’s instinct; Amin wanted to be breastfed.

Iman was a bit scared at first, he wanted mr.Husband to hold him tight.

but after few minutes, nahhhhhh ...
"daddy, let me go ... let me go"

and Iman can't take his eyes off the sea

So while I breastfeeding Amin, mr.Husband brought Iman for swimming. This was Iman’s first swimming experience in the sea. I’m afraid Iman will not like it, but I was totally wrong. Iman was so happy swimming with mr.Husband, and he even refused to go back to the shore. It took quite sometime to persuade Iman to finish swimming.

happy 4 months old, Amin.

And I spent time beautifully with Amin. We were laying down together, get some photos of us, hugging and cuddling him tight clinging mom as always! ....

with my happy sunshine :)

After Iman finished with his swimming, changing his clothes, it was about in the mid-afternoon. He asked for his milk, and went asleep. He must be tired after the swimming. With the wind blows calmly, and the sea waves were the music for the ears, what a serene moment, Amin fell asleep too.

~ my little angels were sleeping ~

I enjoyed spending my time in the island. It was truly a great escape being in Pulau Tiga. We had quality time together; mr.Husband and I. We talked and chit-chatting about so many things. We were here celebrating our 1000days anniversary, and hope to celebrate more wedding anniversary of ours in the future.

mr.Husband & yours truly
happy our 1000 days being husband & wife!

To Pulau Tiga, we will come again! Insya allah.


1st published on 7th March 2017.


  1. Wow, so romantic 😍
    I mean, I never thought of counting the days we have been together as a husband and wife, let alone celebrating the 1000th days of the wedding haha... Maybe I should start counting it now :p

    May Allah bless you and your family Mrs Pip.

    1. Haha, old stories ni... Dulu2 semua pun ada masa nak counting.

  2. never heard of Pulau Tiga before! Looks nice.

    Blogwalking here. ;)

  3. halah halah..so lomantic tau..hehe..tmpt pun cantik..superbbb celebrating anniversary...

  4. Wah.. romantiknya mrs pip..
    Semoga terus bahagia hingga ke Jannah..


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