(PAPN MEMBAKUT) ... It's hard to say GOODBYE ;(

hi there,

we have monthly Parents-Teachers meeting in Permata Playschool. last April's meeting was quite short, we just discussed about the program for the month of May, and for this month, the Permata Playschool will celebrate Teacher's & Mother's Day together. and all the mothers need to participate for a showcase; it's either to have short drama or dancing. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

*I can't dance, I can't act, and the worst I can's sing ... I have no talent in these section, How I wished they can think of something else....sob sob*

we were told in the whatsapp group that two of our beloved teachers will be transferred and replaced by a new teacher .... two teachers going out, and three teachers coming in .... welcome new teachers!

and ........... it's HARD to say GOODBYE to the other two teachers ;(((((( ...................

after the short meeting between Ketua Pendidik and all the parents, we have a small farewell ceremony for the two teachers; cikgu Fiza and cikgu Fara. at first, everyone smile brightly when we saw all the teachers coming out from the classroom, and joined us.

but when the teachers were requested to give their short speech, Cikgu Fiza went first, tears coming from her eyes ;( and most of us started to cry as well. it was quite a sad moment .... I need a tissue, please!

after the speech, the new teachers pulak introduce themselves ... we have cikgu Edayu, cikgu Ain and cikgu Mira ... cikgu Edayu previously teach in Permata Ranau since 2012, while cikgu Ain and cikgu Mira just started their posting, one from Terengganu and one from Kelantan, if I'm not mistaken, while cikgu Edayu orang Sabah bah, sanaaaaa Keningau.... WELCOME teachers.

mommy atul, mommy icha

can you spot mrs pip and lil' Iman? hehe.
and mommy denzel too

mommy dira
p/s: thanks mommy dira for sharing photos in whatsapp group

mommy ariz, farewell cake cutting, mommy icha again, and hi mommy huzaimi 

after the speech, parents lined up to give farewell gift to the two teachers... we hope our teacher, cikgu fiza and cikgu fara feel appreciated by all of us with our little gift, and hope with that small gift from all of us, at least will make them happy though we all knew saying goodbye is hard.

it's time to eat! come and eat secara berjemaah T_T ...

we have potluck on that day ... each family need to bring one potluck food .... seriously, we have a lot of food on that day. all the parents were so kind to bring extra food .... eh, where was mine? I brought fresh buns on that day, and the time I snapped the food, some of the food finished ;) including the fresh bun, tak sempat snap time fresh buns tu time dalam kereta ...

see my lil' Iman here .... he was eating the cupcake with white icing, and some other cakes *he is just like me, a cake lover*, and around his mouth was dirty with the icing :) ... and yes, thanks mommy ilham for bringing a delicious cendol drinks .... lil' Iman asked twice for the cendol T_T

and last but not least, we received this photo from mommy rayyan ... thanks mommy rayyan for sharing it with us.

and to our dearest cikgu fiza & cikgu fara, all the best in your future undertakings ... we all here love you two so much. and thanks for being such a nice teachers for our kids here in Pusat Anak Permata Negara Membakut!

all the best!



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