My 5 Most Read Entries for April 2017

hi there, so, we are in May now, and it's Syaaban! ... Ramadhan is coming soon, insyaallah. ... did you all pay your yesteryear 'puasa'? hurm, I still have another 82 days to qada the puasa. trying hard now to puasa, but I tell you, obstacles are too many, it ain't easy .... still trying hard to qada my puasa.

sit back and relax, drink a cup of coffee T_T

so, what's happening inside the blog for last month, April 2017? ... as usual, the 5 Most Read Entries in April 2017 ....


Sedang berlangsung : Segmen 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP'


Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut


Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia



Pengalaman pumping breastmilk menggunakan pam susu jenama AUTUMNZ yang best!

Happy blogging.


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