BLUE SKY TAG by Amerzing

hi there,

so Amerzing tagged me to answer his 11 questions ... so here we go with all his questions ... hurm, boleh tahan juga ni soalan utk dijawab .,.. thanks for tagging me T_T ....

1. If you suddenly found yourself turned into woman/man. How would you spend your day?

Ok, you see, all my siblings are namja, four of them. So, if I were a man, I'll go play futsal them, and I will persuade them to go swimming with me since none of them understand why I love swimming, snorkeling and diving ;(

2. Tell me the most awkward moment in your life?

when you fell in front of the public, and everyone was watching you. 
.... clumsy girl.

3. What are the best and worst purchases you have made?

the best purchased I made was my baju kawin. It's a white chiffon baju kurung, with a very simple beads around the neck, and the design really suits my taste T_T ... and the price, less than RM100!

the worst purchased ... ok, let me tell you, I was once a addicted buyer. there was one time I purchased few dresses, and once it arrived, none of the dresses fit me! I ordered for M size, but that M size was like XS for our standard ;((

4. If you have a chance to change your name, what will it be and why??

my name aaaa .... nope, I will never change my name. thanks to my parents to give me such a weird beautiful name ... ;) 

5. Who is the messiest person you know?

I never met one yet.

6. What are the most useless talent do you have?

useless talent aaa? do I have useless talent? ... talking alone while watching TV. how's that?

7. Who is the fourth person n your missed call list?

none. I have no miss call yet.

8. What is your favorite TV show? (Tell me Suri Hati Mr. Pilot, please)

once, I love 2 Days 1 Night and Strong Heart.
for dramas, saya layan K-Drama, unless I could buy CD for our local drama.... 
.... jangan marah .... peace.

9. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

my first thought was is it going to rain or not, I have a lot of clothes need to dry .... 
*you know lah very suriramah style*

10. What are you completely give up and done with?

completely give up ... I guess nothing,
almost give up, yes ... it was the time when I did my thesis and prepare for my viva ;(
but I done with it. Managed to submit my thesis on time with only little any changes. 

11. Do you think my questions are ridiculous?

nope. the questions given were fine.

all answered, yeay.

boleh tahan juga soalan si Amerzing ni .... 


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