20 April 2017

(Part 3) Trip to Beaufort Fire Station by PAPN Membakut

hi there,

so after finished tour the firefighter vehicles, they were ready for the next activity. it's water spray time! .... eh lil' Iman the first?  .... aish, anak mommy ni, muka happy dapat hold the hose, sukalah dia dapat main air.

just enjoy your moment, little Iman.

 it's a great opportunity to the kids to experience all these :)

aiseh, why la dulu2 mommy pigi tadika, all these things tiada?
untung anak2 sekarang, banyak school trip yg best best ...

ok, time's up.
someone else please.

 love this little boy with BIG WHITE helmet,
what's his name?
so cute lorr ....

 Darth Vader is on training :))

 hi kiddo, nice barrette  ....

 finished with the hose spray ....

 peace again.

lil' Iman with his with abang-abang bomba T_T

next activity

a short briefing on how to operate the fire extinguisher.

 "this is what you need to do" said the abang bomba
eh mcm tau tau pula apa yg dia cakap, hehe.

demo from the real firefighter

extinguished the fire by the real firefighter

ok, Cikgu Rozie first ...
eh, mana cikgu lain? mana aci, tak try ....

Iman's turn pulak ...

guided by abang bomba "ok, this is how you need to do" ...

"aim the nozzle at the fire anddddddd"

"press the extinguisher, and shoot!"

ya, berjaya, api sudah dimatikan!

and other kids turned pulak ... ok, Wawa goes first.

ok kids, enough playing with the hose and fire extinguisher. it's time to ride the firefighter truck!

kids lined up ... so kids, tangan di bahu kawan ok.

so who wanna ride the truck?
everyone excited, I guessed.

 this is inside the truck.
alaaaaa, gambar lil' Iman tiada la pula ;(
but never mind, daddy's snap a lot of yours outside the truck kan ...

^ almost end of the program ^

 some parents wanna try the heat resistantce coat ...
ringan ka? aiseh, nampak mcm tebal 

everyone, let's gather together.

one two three .... cheeseeeeeeeee

and before left the station, last but not least, our ketua pendidik Teacher Rozie delivered hamper to the head of the fire station.

 mr. Husband told me everything went so well with the trip. the kids were happy and excited, though some cried, maybe due to tiredness. the weather was fine, thanks Allah for easing the trip.

during the trip, we received good cooperation from all the firefighter staffs, thumbs up Beaufort firefighter. I guessed all the kids love you ols, and I wanna say this out loud "YOU MADE OUR KIDS DAY BEAUTIFUL" ....

from this trip, it gives an early exposure to the kids about fire safety, besides that, it gives useful knowledge to the parents as well. hope everyone was having fun and received good information about not only fire safety but firefighters things as well.

Thumbs up pusat permata anak negara membakut.


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