20 April 2017

(Part 1) Trip to Beaufort Fire Station by Pusat Anak Permata Negara (Membakut); ...W.E.L.C.O.M.E...

hi there,

so yesterday (19.4.17) was one of a BIG DAY for the kids from Permata Membakut. I guess not only the kids were the one feeling excited, but the parents as well, and maybe excited even MORE than the kids ... xoxo.

concentrating to extinguish the fire

it was the Permata school trip to visit Beaufort fire station, together with the kids, teachers and the parents. and for this school trip, parents who attended the trip will receive one credit hour, yeah!

in front of the main entrance

after the arrivals of all Permata Membakut group, they gathered together and ready to attend the short briefing given by the firefighter staffs.

ready for the short briefing

I guess, this is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES for our lil' Iman. he is a SUPER BIG FAN of ROY, one of the character of ROBOCAR POLI. i tell you, we watch the ROBOCAR POLI over and over again, everyday after lil' Iman coming home from his playschool, and he even remember some of the script and repeat what the characters were saying .... 

I guess we are not alone. I believe some of your kids are just like our lil' Iman, having obsession for some of cartoon character. and I remember when I was kids, I love Inspector Gadget sooooo much. ouch!

lil' Iman posing in front of his fav vehicle,the firefighter truck!

whenever lil' Iman see any firefighter truck on the road, he always says "mommy, look, it's like ROY,, it's the ROY mommy" .... this trip is so meaningful for him, and when the teacher told us about the trip last month, I'm so looking forward to wait for the day to come, hehe.

lil' Iman posing in front of shelf
where the heat-resistance coat properly folded and organised 

after the briefing, the kids were lined up to receive the firefighter uniform

distribution of the uniform

lil' Iman was happy wearing the uniform. I was unable to attend the trip *sob sob crying like a river*, so I asked mr.Husband to try his best to capture all these memories for lil' Iman ... will Iman remember all these one day when he grows up? ....   

lil' Iman and his friend, Huzaimi

lil' Iman and the other kids look stunning in their uniform
they all gathered together for the 1st activity

after the kids well dressed in their uniform, they were ready for their first activity. picture showing teacher Rozie was having small discussion with the head of firefighter before the activity started.

lil' Iman was giving his attention to the abang bomba T_T chuckles.
ok, now the demo time! we'll see how the kids doing.

and here you go, Iman. it's your turn! hooray. 
*please excuse me, mommy yang excited lebih*

it was a training how to extinguish the fire when it struck on your clothes
everyone was giving their attention 

thumbs up!
they all did very well.

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Thumbs up pusat permata anak negara membakut

ehem ehem.
*iklan kejap*
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