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Lil' Iman's activities in playschool : washing legos, make bubbles for fish, and 'play musang berjanggut'

hi there,

mrs pip received some photos shared by lil' Iman's teacher at his playschool ...

it's good when lil' Iman's teacher sharing the kids activities in school with us, the parents, so we as the parents knew what's our kids doing ... just imagine during our school time 30 years ago, none of photos sharing kan, aiseh mau beli kamera pun mahal ooo time tu ;((

kids, you all are so lucky nowadays plus with the social media and so many apps ... everything easily recorded :)) sila guna media sosial dengan cara yang betul hokey ....

so when the teacher shared things like these, once the kids come home, we can make up conversation asking the kids "how's your day in school, what did you play, do you have fun, did you play this and that with friends? what's your friend's name? bla bla bla ..." things like that ....

and I even asked lil' Iman "what color is your teacher's clothes today?" , "what's you friend's name the one with short hair that wear green baju with printed flower?", "eh, why are you washing the toys?" ....

asked the kids something uncommon questions, and check what's their answer .. sometimes you get good answer, and sometimes the funny one, and sometimes no answer at all ...

one time lil' Iman asnwered me, today cikgu wear baju color red ...
check. cikgu tu memang pakai baju warna merah
(lil' Iman has a good sense of being observant)

and lil' Iman answered, kawan iman nama dia anem, rambut anim pendek, mcm Iman.
check. lil' Iman knows his friend's name.

about washing the toys, lil' Iman said cikgu suruh wash toys, Iman suka. Best cuci toys sama kawan-kawan.

jom layan some of lil' Iman's and his friends activities...

lil' Iman and his friend, anem.

As a parent, I am so happy when lil' Iman's teacher whatsapp us the kids activities... hope more photos sharing in future ya teacher!

thanks teacher Rozie.


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