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lil' Iman; after one month in Permata Playschool

hi there,

it's been more than a month now since we sent lil' Iman to Permata Playschool. the first one two weeks, we have so many morning dramas sending him to the school.

one morning he was fine, but the next day he refused schooling. one morning he was so excited but the very next day he cried in front of the school entrance door .... one morning he woke up early and ready to go but the next day he asked me to tour the town before sending him to his school :( ugh!

ready to go to school
and for the very 1st time in his 4 years of life wearing Baju Melayu

now I understand the mommies' feeling when they said wait till they go to school, it ain't easy, babe... just wait, the time will come... and they were right... so many ups and downs dealing with the kids emotion.

Outdoor activities - what's the vege?

and now, after a month, lil' Iman shows a progress of independence . lil' Iman can eat better either using spoon, fork or hand. food dropping on the floor seems more lessen now than before :)) ... I was surprised when one day Iman refused to use his spoon to eat his meal, but went to the sink washing his hand and uses his hand to eat, and even more, so little food dropping on the floor. 

thanks teacher Rozie! Practice makes perfect T_T

and now, whenever he come home from school, he knows where to put his slipper and school bag. I purposely once put his slipper in front of the door, he noticed and said "mommy, the slipper must put here", taking his slipper and properly put on the shoe shelves:))

and whenever inside the car, he put safety belt by his own. previously, mommy daddy need to click the safety belt for him. and now he cares a bit more towards lil' Amin. he told Amin not to climb the table, shared his buns and bread together, and sometimes willing to give Amin his own fav toys. 

Outdoor activities - what's the sound?
Lil' Iman, fourth from left

so far, lil' Iman behave well in school. his teachers said Iman is a bit quiet boy, always obey to the instructions and requests. I am a bit relieved about that. but, I tell you, Iman is not a quiet boy in our house. huhu. he listens to us quite well, but he also wanted us to hear his voice, and when his 'angin kus kus' come, his grumpiness and crankiness bite hard on us!

anyway, as a parents, we pray hard for the kids to be a good caliph. raising the kids full with so many bittersweet moments, we'll always cherish it and when they grow up, we hope the memories remain unfaded. parents love their kids forever, rite?

and last week on 11th April, Permata Playschool conduct a health screening to all the Permata kids. lil' Iman showing his peace sign, his so called photography signature nowadays, ngee.

Current weight 17kg, current height 108cm.

hope to see more self independence progress in lil' Iman, and we tried our best too teaching lil' Iman to be more independent, behave others and respect people around him, and we still have a longgggg journey to go.


Thumbs up pusat permata anak negara membakut

happy parenting.


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