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(Extras) Permata Playschool Family Day

hi there,

few more photos added. this one mrs pip received from the playschool official facebook account.

all photos in this entry taken by either the teachers or the other parents.... thanks for sharing these photos, Permata's families :))

jom layan!

if you guys read the previous entry,
mrs pip told you we won 2nd place for this game :))
unfortunately, previous entry we have no photos kan because
mrs pip didn't ask anyone to help us to take our photos :((
lucky teachers/parents snap this and shared in FB ...

teka, mana satu mr.Husband and mrs pip?

this on passing balloon filled with water ...
aiyo, kena be careful ni,
silap silap boleh mandi air kalau belon pecah, hehe.

if not mistaken, our sweet wawa (the girl in the middle)
won this game ...1st place ...
isi air dalam botol guna span

you guys can play this at home with your kids ...
so much fun ... asingkan beras, kacang merah n kacang hijau ..
this game, they called it 'musang berjanggut'

aiseh, kenapa musang berjanggut?
go and watch our late P.Ramlee film >>> musang berjanggut tu ...

our 4 years old kids ready for the game
bawa bola pingpong guna gelung ...
can you spot where is lil' Iman?

for this game, lil' Iman won 2nd runner up ...

can you spot where is lil' Iman?
2nd from the right.

the senamrobik!

haha, lil' Iman sour face!
what la kan ...
lil' Iman was bad mood that day after waiting too long 
for his turn to play the game ...

aiseh, Iman ni, tu pun mau masam2 muka, grumpy2 cranky2
see how sour his face looking at his teacher when his
teacher explained how to play the game

>>> game kupas kulit telur <<<

lil' Iman, where are you?

this is wawa ...
so this is the game, 
isikan air dalam botol guna span

this game, only for men.
all daddies la yg join
mommies duduk tepi :))

to know the previous entry about Permata (Membakut) playschool family day,
just CLICK HERE ...


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