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Sending lil' Iman to Permata Playschool - the MUST HAVE things to bring

hi there,

early this year, mr.Husband and I decided to send lil' Iman to a playschool after thinking and taking into account the pros and cons sending our kids to a playschool at the age of 4. oh yes! lil' Iman will celebrate his birthday this Saturday :)) *syukur alhamdulillah, he is a grown up boy now* ....

since we are living in Membakut, and the only playschool cum nursery plus with a good environment (after seeking informations) , we only have one choice, the one and only playschool option that we have, is Pusat Anak Permata, or what we here call just PERMATA .... anyone heard about this playschool?

so, somewhere end of January, we went there and asked if there is any intake or vacant spot for lil' Iman to join the playschool, and the teacher in PERMATA said to register the kids here, we need to apply by filling the school form, and if we are selected, they will call us to inform.

we filled up everything as requested in the application form (hey, nowadays mau masuk playschool pun quite strict oooo),  and send the form early February and put HIGH hope lil' Iman will be selected. waiting weeks after weeks, we received a GOOD NEWS last week that lil' Iman could start his first day today! yeah! a happy mom with TEARY EYES and SWOLLEN HEART *sending lil' Iman for the 1st time to PLAYSCHOOL is not so easy, I have mixed feeling, thinking this and that*

yesterday I went to the playschool to submit some documents needed, and the head of PERMATA here in Membakut explain one of the program prepared by the school is that for each month, every parents must participate 4 hours per month to the school program such as to attend meeting, family day, one-hour-parent-play-and-pretend-as-a-teacher, etc such program is good so that every parent will stay connected with the school and each parent could see the progress of their kids in the school on weekly & monthly basis.

after meeting with the head of PERMATA, I have been informed by them that I need to prepare lil' Iman's things-to-bring to the playchool everyday.

so here is the list :-

- 3 pair of T-shirt & pants and MUST be folded 1 set each
- drink tumbler
- baby shower gel
- tooth paste
- tooth brush
- minyak angin
- bath towel
- face towel / handkerchief
- body lotion (talcum powder is not encouraged)
p/s: if the kids still baby-milk-bottled, and using diapers, so these items must be provided by the parents.

and everyday, parents must fill up a so called 'logbook' and send to the school every morning when sending the kids, and this logbook will be returned to the parents later in the evening when taking the kids home, and the teacher will write in what the kids activities of the day so the parents will know what the kids doing in the school, and parents need to give some comments about their kids development of that day.

last nite, I prepared lil' Iman's 'school bag' ... tada! ... a bag with his clothes and toiletries inside.

we just sending him to the school just now. hope everything will go very well. and will update his very 1st day in school soon.

p/s: yesterday and today kinda busy .... but I still make an effort to read my followers new entries, and hey, I read I won ciklapunyabelogbloglist segment March 2017, and the RM5 top-up from belogsjm ... will make an entry about this too! and many thanks for selecting me!!!! love you babes many many stars on the sky!

thanks for reading.


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