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Party of Four; celebrating lil' Iman's 4th year birthday

hi there, late entry! so, on 8th March that day, we celebrated lil' Iman's 4th year burthday in his playschool at Permata. lil' Iman was super happy when mommy and daddy and lil' Amin came and brought his birthday cake. you can see his face smiling with BIG grin from ear to ear.

but, lil' Iman's actual birth-date is 4th March. and it was Saturday. and we have wedding to attend. since we decided to celebrate lil' Iman in his school, so we plan nothing to celebrate his birthday on the exact birth-date.

happy birthday lil' Iman!

that morning, after breakfast, we prepared ourselves to go to Weston, it's about 1 hour driving from Membakut to attend daughter of mr.Husband's classmate wedding. and I'm like "WHAT?! your classmate punya anak kawin? so how old is your classmate?" muehehe ....

ok, classmate dia kawin awal. so anak dah bujang trang tang tang ... kitorang juga anak still setahun jagung :) ...

let's take photo together
ish! why la so hard to get nice pix for four of us?

after the wedding, our planned was like just going back home. but half way, things were changing.

"how about buying him cake and celebrate just the four of us?" I asked mr.Husband. the kids were tired and they were sleeping.

"let's buy cake in Beaufort, half kilos will be fine" said mr.Husband.

we reached Beaufort, and the kids still sleeping. I bought a a small cake and few buns, and managed to grab a new school bag for lil' Iman and few pair of new short pants for him.

"so, where to go now?" I asked

the kids woke up and realized there was a box of cake inside the car, and they start asking for the cake! oh kids, please wait. and lil' Iman keep asking "birthday siapa ni, birthday siapa ni?" .... cake is very synonym with birthday la kan ... ugh.

here we go! Pantai Pimping.

everyone, smile!
lil' Iman was so happy
singing his birthday song
and lil' Amin a bit exhausted

earlier on, daddy unboxing the cake
this is the cake
vanilla sponge cake
lil' Iman asked if he can put candle on his cake
can I put candle? asked Iman
we just let him do it
here you go candle, but the wind blows so strong
so we didn't lighten the candle

and together we sung the happy birthday song
except lil' Amin who was still exhausted
as usual, before went out, packed the kids drinks + snacks
p/s: since we went for a wedding, so no bento box made :)
and sempat buat pisnag goreng untuk santapan dalam perjalanan
birthday boy officiate his birthday cake
showing off the sea view
mr.Husband and yours truly
this is our
for lil' Iman's 4th year birthday
the cake leftover
brought back home.

so earlier on, we were attending the wedding ceremony of daughter of mr.Husband's classmate in secondary school. I tell you, his friend just the same age like him, but all his children bujang bujang woooo ....
ketibaan pengantin lelaki
so pink T_T
everything was simple but the food was super delicious
lil' Iman asked me to top up twice his plate!
didn't take many photos at the wedding place, just two three snaps. anyway, we have so much fun enjoying ourselves on that day. 


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