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(Part 4 : Final) Permata Playschool Family Day

hi there,

so this one will be the last episode for PERMATA PLAYSCHOOL FAMILY DAY.

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tell you what, lil' Iman was very dramatic!
we were like grrrrrrr almost turned ourselves into lion and tiger!
ouch. he was crying out of nowhere, and refused to play his game
but we managed to persuade him

cranky grumpy all came along 2 hours later after the game just started.

some of parents listening to the instruction given by the teacher

and yes, it was potluck!
and drink all you can

too many choices of food
the kids couldn't make up their mind what to eat

and this little kitten tried hard to get lil' Amin's nugget

little boy was enjoying himself alone eating nugget

for final part, yeah! masa untuk terima hadiah ;))


lil' Iman and his friends 
this one for the game
bawa bola pingpong guna gelung
Iman 1st runner up.

Iman was looking for his hamper :)

this team won permainan passing belon air
we were defeated by these ladies

this team won permainan hantar gelung hujung ke hujung tanpa lepas tangan

see, I told you, we won 1st runner up for tuang air atas cup suami isteri, and I was blind folded ...
dapatlah juga hamper ...merasa la jugak kan daripada langsung tiada, 
rezeki, hehe.

dapat ja hamper, lil' Iman couldn't wait to eat the biscuit inside.

cikgu fiza menang ...
eh yang ni cikgu fiza menang loop band tu rasanya

yang ni cikgu ika menang cari gula gula dalam tepung kan

and teachers called all kids to get their drinks
sukalah lil' Iman, dapat extra drinks lagi.

the kids were busy enjoying their drinks

ok, jom makan!
lunch dah ready
parents potluck ramai ramai
masing masing bawa makanan
Semua sedap sedap....

ours was bihun goreng.

cooked by mr.Husband.

so, that's the end of the family day.

we were so happy managed to meet and greet some of the parents.
and we are looking forward to attend another family day, if any.

but we didn't have any PHOTO SESSION! ouch. it hurts me. LOL
nextime insya allah will request to have photo session.

until nextime.


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