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(Part 1) Permata Playschool Family Day

hi there,

it was Permata playschool's family day last Saturday. all the students and parents were invited, to be exact, the attendance is compulsory and parents received 2 credit hours! yeah.

bear in mind, Permata playschool kinda different a bit. each parents must collect 4 credit hours per month, so there are some 'homework' that parents must do, and some school activities that parents must involve.

the family day started with the head teacher giving short talk, and asking all kids to gather in front and the parents at the back, and the first event was senamrobik ... yeah, let's keep dancing and melt the pounding fat.

hampers were lined on the stage
and the teachers were busy preparing the sound system

kids were lined up in front

can you spot me? hehe.

here we go!
senamrobik everyone.

the instructor made it easy so everyone could follow her steps

and yes, we were enjoying the movement

and it was like 30 - 40  minutes non stop,
ooooo, I love the sumazau dance

check the senamrobik for the sumazau!

right after the senamrobik, we all went outside ready for outdoor games

the games started with the 2 years old kids ... 
ahhhh the kids were soooo cute trying to follow the instruction

but always the parents yang super terlebih excited, muehehe ;))

enjoy some of the games for all 2 - 4 years old games that we managed to snap

permainan isi bola dalam bakul

permainan cari mana pasangan kasut saya

permainan lompat gelung dan lari pusing kon (if not mistaken) 

permainan isi air dalam botol guna sponge

the kids on standby

teacher was giving instruction how to play the game

lil' Iman trying hard to fill up the bottle

lil' Iman showing off his bottle ;)

the teacher checked every single bottle to find the winner 

2nd game for lil' Iman

permainan tarik bola ping pong menggunakan gelung

I love this game, looks easy but the kids need some good technique 
and lil' Iman won 2nd place for this game

hey, eating everyone?

the next game and final one for 4th year old kids,

permainan kupas kulit telur

lil' Iman concentrating to peel off the egg shell

slow and steady
we were like "Iman, ok boleh buka cepat cepat, cepat Iman, cepat Iman"
but lil' Iman kept peeling the egg shell slow and steady

guess what the kids done with their egg once finished?
pap, straightaway went inside their mouth!

after finished all games for kids aged 2 to 4 years old,
it's game for other siblings 5 years old and above pula

permainan tiup belon hingga pecah

I didn't join this game.

permainan pisahkan kacang hijau, kacang merah dan beras

serious, this game was really tough.

next game

permainan hantar belon berisi air 

this one quite hilarious, you better be careful, 
otherwise you get wet with water

can you spot me? 
mana mrs pip? hehe.

end of Part 1

stay tune for Part 2 , coming soon

Click here for PART 2


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